Walk With me a bit through Hobart

End of the school day

No this isn’t a bookish post per se. I am sitting in Hobart, early in the morning looking out to a chilly day but sunny for a change. Another busy week is upon us but I want to catch up a bit here. I just read a bunch of back blog posts from people I generally follow. Sue, Lisa, Karen…and the rest. You guys write so many posts I can never keep up but do enjoy them.

I just read Lisa’s post on the book Adrift in Melbourne about Robyn Annear’s walks in Melbourne (here). How I wish there was a Hobart book such as this but of course Melbourne is so much bigger than Hobart.

I really love books about walking. No idea why but I know there are people walking everywhere. They walk to work, they bushwalk, they hike through multiple countries. I think meeting and chatting to people on a walk is great fun. One can have a great conversation, connect, then perhaps never see them again.

Last week I needed to get out of my head so after an appointment (which I took my camera to in my backpack) I told Mr. Penguin to drive home and I was going to walk. It was an area I’d not walked before and off I went. Three hours later I got the bus home and said head was clear. I need to get out more often with the camera and walk more. I have a friend in Sydney who does her “Judy” day, a day just for her. I am going to start doing a “Pam” day. Time to visit those little out of the way places and take photos or just smell a few flowers. I will share the walk with you here, sorry not much narrative. Here we go….

Many people are doing it tough these days.

I had a lovely chat to this fellow while he waited for the bus.

These workmen thought it was quite funny I wanted their photo.

He didn’t have much to say but was happy to pose. The biggest problem with wearing a mask is you can’t see smiles anymore.
The two of us chatted for more than 30 min about the world problems and her garden. Lots of laughs before I went on and she went back to work.
This guy approached me and wanted me to take a photo of his dog Bindi.
This very elderly woman comes to the sweets shop, reads the paper and goes home with a bag of lollies.

Replacing a damaged window at the State cinema.

Waiting at the bus stop to go home.
Ollie (left) and Peanut. Home again from the bus. They know if I’m not home to check the window every time the bus goes by. Sure enough they weren’t disappointed this time. I still want to know which one of them figured out I’m on a bus first. Those little heads! What a greeting.

10 thoughts on “Walk With me a bit through Hobart

  1. You should write a walking in Hobart book!!!!! Your pictures are great and I admire how easy it seems for you to talk to strangers. Not me. And I love the doggie faces waiting for you! So sweet. I remember when my cat Marilyn first moved in with me, she used to go crazy with joy when I returned from the grocery. Now she can’t even be bothered to get out of bed to greet me. lol

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    1. I think a Hobart walking book would turn out to be quite short. lol. The dogs make me laugh every day at something they do. They just feed off each other and if one is being good the other one will be silly.

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  2. Of course I enjoyed the whole post and found it inspiring that just as I have made the resolution to get out walking around Sydney again, you show me why it’s such an enriching and rewarding thing to do…and then the dogs. What a joy to come home to such eager, welcoming, unconditional love 🙂

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  3. Oh, Ollie and Peanut, how gorgeous.
    My Amber perches on the sitting room sofa to watch out through the window for me when I go out without her.
    How lucky we are to have out faithful companions!

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