March Already!

My reading has slowed a bit during the last couple of weeks. World events are very distracting at the moment. However our book group is talking about This is Happiness by Niall Williams the first week of April and I have begun it. The writing is lovely. I was going to highlight various quotes to share at the meeting that I love but found I was making pencilled marks on every page so have given it up.

I have put the Togo book, The Village of Waiting by George Packer up just for a week or so. It was my random pick for the Armchair Traveller reference book.. I am enjoying the book quite a bit but it is long. I will continue but will be slow to report on it.

Theme this month: Reinvention

My Womankind magazine arrived and I am enjoying it. It comes out bi-monthly and has the most beautiful photographs and articles.

I have also been working on learning more Photoshop and Lightroom editing techniques via instructors on You Tube. My good photographer friend in Sydney and I chat all the time about photography. There is so much flooding and non stop torrents of rain there now I have to keep an eye on her. All up the east coast of Sydney the flooding has been dire. 13 People have died last count and it is hard seeing their homes and lives washed away. Then there is continued Covid and the horrible stuff going on in Ukraine. When does it end? I try to stay away from the news but it is really in our faces much of the time.

I am continuing to “play” with IOUMA Art postcards.. I received a couple of lovely cards yesterday, one from Postcrossings that came from the Czech Republic and an Art card from Texas . Really lovely to get real mail from random people that is gorgeous and interesting.

This Art Card came from Texas, USA
This was sent to me by a young woman who lives in the Czech Republic. She took this photo of the most beautiful butterfly

I also bought a new book that is gorgeous. Alison, in Cape Town posted information about it on her blog, The Booksmith. (here). It is beautiful in cover and words. Described as “See the British year afresh and experience a new way of connecting with nature- through the prism of Japan’s seventy-two ancient microseasons. The book covers the year in sections of 2 to 5 days and focuses on what is happening in the natural world during those days”. A beautiful short reminder of what is beautiful in our world each morning. It is definitely a book that ‘sparks joy’.

I realise it is more important than ever during these times to spend time being creative (even when you think you’re not good at it), reading books and magazines you love, moving your body even when you don’t feel like it and don’t binge on a lot of junk food as much as you might want. Turn the news off from time to time too.

I have also pulled a couple of photos from the archives that I took on trips in the last five years. I will share two of them from Sri Lanka that I took and posted up on the World Wildlife Photography fb page this week. It is a site that shares wonderful photographs of wildlife/birds, from around the world in their natural settings.

This leopard came out of the bushes as we drove by. He was stunning.
This little guy came out to investigate us too. So curious.

I look forward what anyone who might come across this post is doing to manage their life and mental health at the moment. Please feel free to share.

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  1. This is Happiness was one of my favourites books last year (also a book group read) and I have now just finished Williams’ first book, Four Letters of Love with an equal degree of pleasure. His writing is so lovely and it would be easy to underline half the book!

    The Japanese 72 seasons sounds very appealing too…

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  2. I’m just getting to your post and March is already half over. I can’t imagine how amazing it would be to see a leopard, any big cat, in the wild. Oh well I’ll just have to continue to get excited about camels and cassowaries.

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    1. IN 2010 I rode my 250cc scooter from Hobart to Longreach, then to Rockhampton and back to Hobart. I have seen a Cassowary once in the wild but on this trip I had emus run alongside us. Of course being American the Aussie bikers kept telling me emus liked to come to the road and kick bikers off their bikes. It was good fun but I did get very excited when I first saw the emus in the wild. I must say I felt safer around then than the leopard.😁

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  3. Amazing source of info for anybody but particularly for Book Club members all over. I shall pass the word in mine, if ever it gets going again. I am so busy with Mail Art that I hardly have the time to read and that is what keeps me sane, well, not more weird than before the pandemic started . . .

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  4. I enjoyed the Sri Lanka pics. You’re correct: “the world is too much with us …” muttered a famous poet, can’t recall name, but do relate to the sentiment. Thanks for the link to my blog post on the Lev Parikan book.


    1. You’re welcome. I love your blog and often the books you read are right up my alley so to speak. Stay well. I bought the book you recommended for my friend so now both of us are loving it. It is just beautiul.

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  5. I know I need to take a break from the news at the moment. Grateful not to be experiencing the worst of the floods or the war. Sometimes you just need to shut the world out for a bit.

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