The Penguin and I are back!

Things have been more than hectic the past few weeks with Mr P having had his hip replaced and on crutches and not driving for six weeks. I’m having eye surgery end of May and will be out of commission but by mid winter we should all be up and back. Did I mention I backed the new car into a guard rail one early morning while blinded by the sun and that is in repair for a week so learning to drive a little rental car. I need to pick it up this week the same time Peanut goes to the vet for injections. Whoops

I could go on, but it is boring so I won’t.

I had a disaster with this blog disappearing and I gave up and moved to Wix. They were great at setting up a blog but once that was just about finished they pulled all support and communication so to make a very long story short, I cut my losses and decided to get stuck back into the original one at Word Press. I can now tell you there is good in the world I really misjudged WordPress. As confusing as I find it at times, I spent more than 90 minutes in an online chat with a lovely person who got me back online. They can’t figure out what happened either. I had part of a different blog incorporated into mine and the whole thing went “Whoosh!” But….I’ve spent enough time on all of this so let’s say no more. But I can’t praise the WordPress support I got more. I’m now eating my words.

Photography has had some lovely moments as we are in autumn here and if I manage to figure how to post a photo I will do so.

There are many events happening at Fullers book shop this year. As my friends and longer term followers know, Fullers is the oldest book shop in Australia at 102 years. It is under new ownership by a young, lovely man (Tim) who has a PhD in philosophy and is also extremely well read, ambitious and absolutely full of ideas for the shop that people are flocking to. With more than 100 people divided into groups of 12 for monthly book groups, there is also a shared reading group that meets regularly, a new monthly poetry reading group where they focus on one poet a month. Shakespeare and philosphy events are scheduled as well as many author events and book launches.

Jane Dawson entertained us with her contagious laughter.

Just last week my friend and I attended a really fun event as Jane Rawson launched her newest book, A History of Dreams. It is the story of four very different women who become witches to deal with rising facism during 1937 in Adelaide. Such an unusual theme but as she stated she is very concerned with many issues both past and present regarding how right winged our world is becoming and coinciding with that the problems of global warming especially as it relates to Australia with fires and floods. It was a great night and Geordie Williamson, one of the book critics from The Australian interviewed her. I think he should be working for the Guardian listening to their conversation. It was most enlightening and Jane has very unusual and interesting ideas for her books. She stated her next book would be about a time traveller who goes back to the 1980s and murders those responsible for global warming, though I must emphasize that is simply an idea at this point but it got a good round of applause and laughter from the audience.

Geordie and Jane in conversation.

Well I don’t want to push my luck here so we will see how this goes today so I will wrap this up for now. I must say my panic has subsided now I have my blog back and fortunately Wix transferred almost all of my past Word Press posts to this site though I haven’t had a good look yet. So stay tuned.

If you’d like to see the new direction this blog is going check out the new About page. All the best.

22 thoughts on “The Penguin and I are back!

  1. I’m glad to find you back again! I enjoy your blog posts. Good luck with your upcoming surgeries, yours and Mr. Penguin’s. I’m still recovering from foot surgery at the beginning of February.


  2. Hooray, so glad to have you back and to know that the problems got resolved. I’ve played around with Wix but didn’t find it all that wonderful because of the social interaction element.

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  3. Happy that everything turned out all right. Technical things tend to go their own way. The new layout looks great, and I am eager to see where you will take this blog in the future. So far, so good.

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  4. Huzzah!! So glad you were able to work things out Pam. What a relief for you (& the rest of us wondering if the same thing could happen to us!!)
    Lovely to see your autumnal photos 🙂


  5. Welcome back! When all is said & done, WP is the best blogging platform. Not necessarily user friendly, but all the bells & whistles come at their own price. What a beautiful pic of your maple tree. Autumn foliage is one of my favourites.

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    1. Thank you Alison. Just glad it’s all settled. I don’t like disruption very much. I planted that maple when we moved into our home around 1989/90. It has grown into a beautiful tree. I really love it.

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  6. Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    PS I love what you wrote about Geordie Williamson. I agree 100%. The Guardian is where he belongs:)

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  7. Glad to have you back! Some time ago i had to phone WP for support and found them friendly and useful (I think I got about 90% of what I was after). Certainly, it is great that you are back with the rest of us on WP though I wake up some nights worrying about our dependence on just one platform.
    Have been a Jane Rawson fan for years. Lucky you to meet her.


    1. Thank you. I guess I was just so shocked to see my blog destruction I lost my head for a minute. haha. Moving on, I’m quite happy now. We really enjoyed her. We are getting Geraldine Brooks in July I heard. That would be interesting but I’m going to Sydney the last two weeks in July so not sure if I’ll be here. She’s been here before a long time ago when Year of Wonders was out.


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