Book Fair in Lisbon with the Penguin and friends.

Driving into Lisbon on our tour bus we noticed a very large exhibition happening in a park. Turns out that park is five minutes from our hotel and the exhibition is a book fair. There were tents and stalls set up everywhere surrounded by beautiful Jacaranda trees in full bloom. After our morning city tour and a tour through the monastery and eating the best cream tarts in the world three of us headed out to look at what it is all about. I might add it is 36 degrees C outside and feels hotter.

This book fair has been held for 89 consecutive years in Lisbon without fail. Thank goodness that most books are in Portuguese so I was not tempted to buy any. Most stalls featired new books but we did see a couple of places selling antiquarian books. Many educational resources also for school children. We spent close to an hour looking at everything but without much shade and too much cement ground cover the intense mid afternoon heat won out and we headed back to the hotel about 15 to 20 minutes away. It was certainly a fun experience. I enjoyed seeing the different covers on familiar titles. Here are the photos. The fair goes from mid May to mid June. One month of books!

Walking across the park to fair
The setup


Interesting cover
Cute poster
Book seller
Another different cover
More covers
Children being read to and practising language lesson
More books
Another poster
One book seller liked the Penguin and pulled out books with a penguin for him. I had to laugh.
Games and books
Another penguin book for guess who.
Yes, he’s on a roll.
Welcome cold beer back at the hotel.

7 thoughts on “Book Fair in Lisbon with the Penguin and friends.

  1. First thought – What would be the fun of going to a book fair if all the books are in a language I can’t read. Grumble…grumble..

    Second thought: Oh my goddddddddd how awesome is that book fair with all those great illustrations that EVERYONE can enjoy, regardless of language????

    ! I love the Agatha Christie cover with that cute car, I WANT that first poster with the cute doggie, I love the poster with the books arranged by color, and I love all the pictures of penguin with the books just for him! He must’ve been thrilled!

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    1. I have to say I thought that too but was fun looking at all the covers and posters and the children’s illustrations in a foreign language. The worst part was the 95 degree temperature.


  2. I know! A month! Felt sorry for the book sellers standing in that hot sun most of the day. You’d think they’d hold it in a nicer time of year. Interesting anyway. I was just glad all the books weren’t in English!


    1. simply magical! it was like being there in person… the tiled roadway was impressive, and all the books and the Penguin’s new acquaintances… tx so much for sharing…

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