Street Scenes from a Bus in Lisbon, Portugal

I like taking phone photos from a bus or train when travelling. I thought I’d share a few here.

Woman opening shop for the day
Town Square
Red plus shadow
Empty building, bathtub full of stuffed toy sardines. Portugal famous for sardines
Iconic scene of clothes hanging from buildings
Tram lines.
Church side of monastery
City streets lined with trees


Best custard tarts on earth.

12 thoughts on “Street Scenes from a Bus in Lisbon, Portugal

  1. Beautiful photos from Lisbon. Seems like a nice trip. I always wanted to go there, and your pictures shows that it is a must.

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  2. a riot of color! i never dreamed Lisbon would be so pretty… the pastels on the houses is really attractive…


    1. Yes, it is a very colourful city but so much busier than I am used to. Once home I won’t care if I never see another tourist again, at least for a few months, haha.


  3. What wonderful photos! The one of the laundry against the side of the building is wonderful! I really got a feeling for the quality and strength of the light from that one.


  4. Ooo yes! I love these kind of quick, random snapshots from trains, cars, buses, etc. The one where the focus is on the red bike and shadow, my eye immediately went to the rooster and matching something in the window!!!! I love that!

    Those custard tarts look sooooo good! My Mom often made custard pies but I was so disgusted by the name of them I could never bring myself to try any. Now she’s 92 and doesn’t bake or cook so of course I’m kicking myself for refusing to try a bite. LOL

    Love the red “people” art in the square, the church, and the pink and yellow houses.

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