Coimbra, Portugal

As  expected this trip has been full on and not much time to post anything. Also very tired at end of today. We are at Coimbra, Portugal on the way to Lisbon. You will need to google it if inerested. Today we had free time from 12 :30 through the evening. I actually got to sleep 2 hours this afternoon so feel good enough to pop up a post.

We did a city tour this morning. There is an old (1700s) university here and we got to visitt the library. So fascinating. A couple of floors of very old books but no photos allowed on upper floor but could take some on the lower floor.

They have a first edition Shakespeare copy of Hamlet. The walls are 2 meters thick and to get rid of silverfish eating these old tomes they have a couple of openings in the wall to let in tiny bats that live here. I saw them flying around my hotel window last night. The bats fly into the library and eat the silverfish. All the old wooden tables are covered up nightly and a cleaner comes in each morning to clean up bat droppings. The library is still used by researchers and PhD students.

After that we walked around the touristy area of the city, heading down hill towards the river and back to our hotel. Here are a set of miscellaneous photos.

Knick knacks
Man at the table next to us at cafe
Loved my hot chocolate cup.
Street art.
Street entertainer. He was hilarious.
Founder of university. Didn’t catch his name but like his scholarly look.
Penguin found some stationery at the university
Library where photos were allowed.





5 thoughts on “Coimbra, Portugal

  1. Excellent photos of Coimbra, Pam.
    Especially like the library at the University.


  2. it’s great seeing your photographs! it looks like it’s quite mountainous there; fabulous collection of books! my mouth is watering…


  3. It’s good to hear from you! I only ever went to Lisbon in Portugal, so I’m fascinated by this place, Coimbra:)
    Silverfish… what a novel eco-solution!


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