Barcelona..Travellin’ with the Penguin

Sunday 19th May

This morning I met Glynnis, ftom Perth, who was at breakfast and participating in our small tour. Our meeting drinks are tonight when we meet the others and the guide.

I woke at 4:00 am as young people poured out of clubs, drunk,  singing sporting songs as loud as they could, fully lubed. Sporting songs sound the same in any language.

I fell asleep very early last night and felt rested. Once it got light, around 5:45 I walked around the block and took photos. Several people with their well oiled mates stopped and posed for me. It was very funny.

After breakfast my Florida friend and my new friend, Glynnis and I set out to explore Las Ramblas street. A popular tourist destination. We walked a long ways down the street until we hit water. Overall I walked 10 kms today. I will leave you with some of the photos.

Markets, families, tourists, balloons
Colourful cafes
Art and statues
Street entertainer, Don Quixote
Penguin and I share a beer.
When Mr P and I travel I always take a photo of his first beer of the trip. He’s home with pets so I had to do it for him. Here’s to Mr Penguin.


5 thoughts on “Barcelona..Travellin’ with the Penguin

  1. If you have enough time, try to get to the Museum of Ceramics which is right next to the Museum of Decorative Arts and Museum of Textiles which are in the same building. They are a bit off the main tourist trail opposite the Diagonal hotel which we stayed in, in the business district (which is generally quieter than hotels in the tourist areas). There is a tram to get there. We never planned to go there but the Ceramics museum, along with the City Museum were the best things we did in Barcelona. You can read about it here but I never did get round to adding the photos so you can’t see how good it was.


  2. 10k is a solid walk! and your beautiful photos are the closest i’ll ever get to Las Ramblas… many thanks! ten cuidado con la cerveza!


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