Have Arrived in Barcelona

Those who live in Australia will understand the no man’s land that is “travelling to Europe”. One hour from Hobart to Melbourne, 14 hours to Abu Dhabi, a couple more airport hours then seven hours to Barcelona. It does seem never ending but I did watch three movies, read some of The Joy Luck Club and dozed a bit.

My bags stayed right with me and Penguin jumped out completely unscathed.

I met up with my Florida friend who arrived a couple of hours after I did and waited in my room while the hotel got her room ready.

We were a bit hungry so walked across the street and found a nice bakery with beautiful pastries, sandwiches and pizza. They also had nice coffee. It feels like it should be midnight but is only around noon.

Next door to the bakery is a beautiful book store. We noticed it immediately. No flies onnus. We headed straight into it. Too tired and flaky to notice the name of it but we are in this hotel until Wednesday so might remember to look at it. Our tour group of no more than 20 people begins Sunday night with a welcome drink. I’m having fun teasing my American friend who joined us from Florida who will be amongst all the Australians.

I will put photos at the end of my posts as I’m using my tablet and it doesn’t seem possible to configure images. You might have giant images with little writing. Here are a couple of photos.

The camera bag and home for Penguin are ready
Hobart airport
Leaving Abu Dhabi
The beautiful little journals I found in the book store. Penguin got right onto them.
Yes, this photo is fuzzy. It’s how we are seeing things at the moment.

Don’t believe all those glossy, glorious photos you see of people travelling on Instagram. The reality is not that fresh. Until later…

7 thoughts on “Have Arrived in Barcelona

  1. Love Barcelona, and all of Spain actually. I notice that you watched lots of films. I find these days that watching films is an easier way of passing the time than reading books. I find on a plane that it’s much easier to get distracted reading, whereas, sometimes, if I’m lucky, a film will put me to sleep, and if it doesn’t it seems to help the time go faster.

    BTW we’ve decided we’ll never do the Europe hop in one go again. Last time we spent two nights in Dubai, but did the trip home in one go with just the hour or two stop. Never again. Both ways it’s going to be overnight stops at least.

    Who – as in what tour company – are you travelling with?


    1. Our trips are with Bunniks out of Adelaide. They never take more than 20 people max. Big bus , everyone with their own seat and window. I flew business so was able to stretch out and sleep. Otherwise I would have to break it up too.

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