1001 Children’s Books You Must Read…

.Snip20180826_13…Before You Grow Up.

I really love having this book on the shelves and a couple of years ago I started finding the books recommended in this large tome.

I’ve decided to resurrect this project. I will probably jump around a bit as in the first instance I will read those books I can find on line from the library or through the app Libby.  I noticed they had lots of children’s books and that is what reminded me of this book.

I will put up a photo in the sidebar and link it to this page.  It will be something to add on in a LEISURELY fashion as I find the books.  Not being around children anymore (I worked with them for 35 years) I find I miss their books.  This will be a good way to catch Snip20180826_15up.  So here goes….







4 thoughts on “1001 Children’s Books You Must Read…

  1. i hope they list “Freddy the Pig” books in there: they were a major part of my life, some 65 years ago… in fact i still like reading about Freddy and Mr. Bean…


    1. Sadly I do not see Freddy the Pig in the book. But neither is the Raggedy Ann series which I loved. I guess the books listed are those that “are good for us”. I looked up Freddy as I’d not heard of him. I would have loved him as a child. Lots of adventures among his animal friends. I see there were 27 of them. They were first published in 1927. The illustrations are wonderful. I am glad I now know about Freddy the Pig.


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