Wordless Wednesday (well, almost)

Tasmanian Raptor Rescue Refuge

A friend and I underwent training a week ago to learn what one does when finding an injured raptor in Tasmania. There are 13 species of raptors in Tasmania and all of them very beautiful.

At the end of the session a Peregrine Falcon who had been rehabilitated was released back into the wild. He was ready to go a couple of weeks previously but the owner of the refuge wanted to share it with our group.  It was a privilege to see this beautiful bird fly away.  Photos are below:

Craig with Montgomery the Owl. He was born there (not planned) so he cannot survive in the wild. He helps with training people.
Montgomery- Take a bow.  No, he isn’t trained to do tricks. He just needed a stretch.
A bit of ‘rock’ art.



The Peregrine Falcon is brought out in preparation for his release.
It is as though he turned to say goodbye. There was a bond between these two.
He realises what is about to happen.
He prepares himself to leave.
Leaning forward he is ready..
Off he goes.
He circles around and then heads for the bush towards the sea.  A beautiful sight. It was all over in the flick of an eye.
Best of Luck my friend.


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