Christmas Eve in Penguin (Tasmania)

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The Penguin and I are travelling in a lovely little town on the northwest coast called Penguin.  You might wonder why a town was named as such. Tasmania is home to the smallest Penguin of the species. They were always called “Fairy Penguins” for decades but political correctness caught up to that and now they are just called “Little” or “Small” Penguins. ( I know- dumb!)

They swim out to sea during the day and then after dusk parade onto the shore to their burrows. Tourists come from all over to see them in various parts of Australia. You can read more about them here if you are interested. Snip20171224_2

Along the east coast of Tasmania there are many more and when driving down the road along the coast you will pass road signs with a drawing of a Penguin. It means be careful for them. It is not a sight one sees regularly in the world.

I digress.  Today had us up to a quiet, sunny day with little wind at first. Coffee out back was enjoyable and there were many birds flitting around.

After breakfast we drove to the town of Penguin which is only about 11 kms down the road. We followed the train track the entire way.

The following are photos from the day.  It has been a lovely way to spend Christmas Eve day.

Our back garden this morning in the sun. No wind.
Entrance into the town of Penguin
The beach is  below the main street through the town. You can see the church on the right. A better photo of it further along.
Walking along the beach. Only the tourists are out today.
The Lava Rocks
Odie is pondering this new beach he’s not seen before.
Walking back to car along the footpath on the main road. It’s called….”Penguin Road” of course. I liked the windows of this church.
There are several trash receptacles along the route. Penguin has won Australia’s title of Tidy Town in the past. I can see why.
The Penguin Logo is dressed for Christmas. I have not seen him ‘dressed’ before.
The Christmas spirit is alive and well.
Some mosaic art work on one of the benches. I always enjoy seeing mosaics anywhere in the world.
Home again at the cottage in the back yard. We sit out at the picnic table and Odie and Molly relax here, safe,  in case that darned train goes through. So far no train today. I hope the workers are enjoying a holiday break. Tomorrow should be quiet too. A restful day.

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  1. extraordinary definition in your photos! the details pop out and the edges are perfect! Penguin is where i want to live; it’s so clean and unpopulated… and attractive… i could tell Odie likes geology, just by the way he staring at that outcrop…

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