Catch up with the Photos- Sydney

The internet in the hotel in Sydney was very dicey when it came to photos. They must not want people to use up data uploading them. So here are some photos from the week.

Beautiful Sydney Harbour in the evening
The Selfie scene from Muriel’s wedding was one of the funniest of the night. The play was an absolutely joy with great acting, costuming and I couldn’t stop watching the choreography. A wonderful night out.


This is a lovely second hand book shop in Glebe Point Road. It has a cafe as well and was well attended throughout. The wonderful indie shop Gleebooks is next door and the two shops compliment each other. Glee has new books downstairs and second hand books upstairs. We had a cold drink at Sappho as it was a very warm day.
Meredith is the owner of Sappho and she has a framed photo of information about her as well as a photo of her below.
A lovely photo of Meredith and she is a truly lovely host to her shop.
The selection of books in this shop is very good. Lots of authors I hardly ever see and lots of vintage Penguins too. Glad I am not collecting them anymore.
The Penguin was taken with a collection of Arthur Upfield, Ian Fleming and Agatha Christie in those wonderful pulp covers we enjoy so much.
Our table at the back of the shop. There was a fair bit going on back there and the drinks were lovely.

The next day we went to Bondi Beach on the bus. Bondi is a beautiful area and they have a lovely second hand book shop too. It is called Gertrude and Alice with a licensed cafe. I found an old book by Lily Brett I didn’t know about and snapped it up. I love her books.

photo: source unknown


One thing I have noticed is people with one cup of coffee, long gone, still sitting at the table scrolling through their phones. If this is you…and I’m sure it isn’t…. please remember these book shops stay open because the owners quite often sell coffee and food to supplement the business of keeping the shop open.  If you sit there all day looking at your phone, which is often the case, you are hurting the business of which you profess to love so much. Yes, look at the books and read stuff but be aware if there is a queue of others waiting to eat and drink, maybe you want to move along. Also if you’re alone, don’t sit at a table for four people. Common sense and courtesy goes a long ways to keeping these places open. I have noticed many book shops do not offer wi fi services. I can see why. The less considerate in our society would sit there all day. Ending my post with 2 cents of advice.
We went down to the corner for a drink as the book shop was very crowded. The beach is in the distance. 


7 thoughts on “Catch up with the Photos- Sydney

    1. I understand it is coming to Melbourne. The play is very much based in Sydney. Opera House and Bridge set designs. The Sydney Morning Herald review of it stated they wondered how it would be accepted in Melbourne when it arrives there.

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    1. It is. A lovely shop. The owner said she would love to move to Hobart to open a shop, a sea change but so many book stores in Hobart all ready. I wish she would come and settle in South Hobart. We have lots of readers in this suburb but we do have a lot of book shops here. They all seem to have their own niche though. Only two book shops here do events though and one not nearly as well as the other. A good events person as well as an interesting cafe attached might do okay.

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      1. fine, interesting pictures… i’m blown away by the numbers of Penguin books in the bookstores down there… here, they very rarely make an appearance… a very nice vacation, it seems, with a lot of variety… people need to get away sometimes…

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