Penguin-ing in a Couple of Sydney Bookshops

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When my friend and I visit Sydney,  book shop visits are always on the agenda.  Theatre and book shops.  Monday night we saw the wonderfully brilliant play Muriel’s Wedding. The ticket price was worth the admission price just to see the costumes, stage set and choreography not to mention the story.

The next night saw us at the Belvoir Theatre in Surrey Hills at the play Atlantis. Atlantis is the journey through life of an American woman who needs to be loved and just can’t quite get it together. The play is surreal, funny, sad and very quirky. We enjoyed it.

Wednesday had us play free so we spent the day breakfasting at Darling Harbour, book shopping on Glebe Point Road home of Sapho second hand books and the wonderful indie bookshop of Glee.  We had brought the light rail from Darling Harbour to Glebe. Then onto Annandale by rail where my friend’s son’s family lives for a bit of afternoon tea and rest.

This morning dawned a bit later than usual. Walking around in Sydney’s heat (though Hobart is hotter this week) and up some steep Annandale hills had lights out last night to a couple of giggling by 9:00 pm. We just can’t do what we used to.

We went into the Queen Vic building this morning for breakfast then caught the bus to Bondi Beach. Bondi always has beautiful views of very rich homes and gorgeous blue water. I never tire of the view. Better still we found Gertrude and Alice’s bookshop and spent quite a bit of time there.

A bus ride back to the city for three hours of packing to go home this weekend and some air-conditioned relaxation after a big lunch.  We see the play Three Sister’s tonight at the Sydney Opera House by Chekhov. It begins at 8:00 pm and runs for three hours, including intermission so we need to rest up. I am looking forward to this Russian drama. We both have a good idea of the story and it should be interesting.  Just being in the Opera House on Sydney Harbour is enough for me. It is one of my favourite buildings in the world.

Tomorrow we head for our respective homes to collapse and rest up. Though my plane arrives in Hobart at 4:00 pm and I have to be at the Theatre Royal in Hobart by 8:00 pm to see Sleeping Booty, the pants send up of Tasmanian politicians and life in general.

A weekend collapse is then in the plan and lots of welcomes from over-worked Mr. Penguin and some very happy dogs.

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  1. Sounds like a lovely week away. Always nice to get away with a friend, particularly if you have specific things like plays and books that you both enjoy. Good for you for making the time to take such trips.

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