Prime Minister’s Literary Awards

I just got this newsletter from an Arts site whose newsletters I subscribe to. I have not read any of the winners but have heard of the fiction winner, Their Brilliant Careers and also the Atomic Thunder, the Malalinga Story under Australian history. Atomic Thunder sounds the most interesting to me. I will look forward to hearing from other Aussie bloggers who follow the awards closer than I do.🤔🤔🤔

2017 PMLA winners announced!
The winners of the 2017 Prime Minister’s Literary Awards have been announced by Minister for the Arts, Senator the Hon Mitch Fifield at a ceremony this morning at Parliament House.
Winners across six categories were selected from a strong shortlist of 30 literary and historical works, representing a diverse mix of Australian authors and illustrators.
The winners are:
Their Brilliant Careers, Ryan O’Neill
Headwaters, Anthony Lawrence
Quicksilver, Nicolas Rothwell
Australian history
Atomic Thunder: The Maralinga Story, Elizabeth Tynan
Young adult
Words in Deep Blue, Cath Crowley
Children’s – joint winners
Dragonfly Song, Wendy Orr and Home in the Rain, Bob Graham
For a full list of winners, author biographies, book summaries, judges’ comments and posters of the 2017 shortlisted books visit the website.

Yesterday was tremendously hot for Hobart and we didn’t move much. 33 C temp (91.4 F ). As Tassie is missing part of its ozone layer we generally stay out of the sun. When the cats started to pant we put on the air conditioning. The temp broke during the night and it is much cooler with lots of rain forecast for the next three or four days. 😎😎😎

I spent this morning at the fitness centre where I spent time in the pool and then ten minutes in the spa. I have been so lethargic after my busy week in Sydney I have barely moved except to walk the dogs. My garmin watch tallied up close to 50 miles walked during the week in Sydney.

The good news is five books I have had on hold, some for a couple of months, came into the library. I have enough TBR books on my shelves but feel it is important to support local libraries. Why do they always all come in at once though🤗🤗🤗?

I might do a Library Loot post over the next couple of days. They look good. What have you been up to today?? (I stick to daily activities as it is easier for people to tell me about their day rather than the last week or month.)  The Penguin and I will be back soon.  I am thinking of drawing some new clothes for him soon. He needs a summer wardrobe.  bluejumper


Author: travellinpenguin

I live in Tasmania, Australia. I love books, travel, animals, photography and good friends. I indulge in all these activities with the little Travellin' Penguin who has now shared four continents with me. We love book shops, small villages and good food. My mode of transport at home is often a 350cc Italian Piaggio Scooter. We visit many places in Tassie in search of books to add to our collection or to photograph our travels. We welcome visitors to our little part of the world.

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  1. perhaps one day there’ll be a global literary award; things would have to change a lot for that to occur, though… lovely pants on senor penguin; i wonder if i… naw, she wouldn’t do that…

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