Off to Sydney for a Week

The Penguin and I are going to hit the road, or better still air space, to get off this island for a week. A good friend and I have a tradition of a week in Sydney each year to give their theatre circuit a workout. We have three performances to attend. Not bad for a full five day visit.

I see the Spin Book has been selected by the Classics Club blog and it is number four which is:



I will pop my little Penguin classic into my bag and read it on the way up. More on that later. The book that has been picked is an essay from a writer I have no knowledge of so I will be doing a bit of research before doing the post once I read it and return home.

I might get some Sydney pics up for you as my camera is packed in my carry on and I will see what we dig up. We always visit bookshops, the beautiful fountain pen shop on the third floor of the Queen Vic building and want to explore the Tram Sheds area. Evidently home of the trams that were previously all over Sydney in the past, they are now shops and restaurants. As anything trendy, no doubt pricey but hopefully some of the history remains that might present some photo ops.

And of course there is always The Museum of Contempoary Art and roof top cafe overlooking the beautiful harbour.

So don’t go too far away as I’ll be back with more who knows what. Looking forward to it.


4 thoughts on “Off to Sydney for a Week

  1. Thomas de Quincy is pretty ambitious reading. I read his Confessions of an Opium Addict as an undergrad. I remember enjoying it, but it was a bit “out there” at times. Enjoy Sydney. See an obscure show for me.

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  2. i hope you have a wonderful time and that those places are still there… around here, stores seem to disappear a lot… i had a very nice, hard bound, 12mo copy of the deQuincey and admired it from afar for quite a while… then one day i started to read it and got grossed out, by something, not sure now what it was; but then gave it up for a library sale… i’ll be very interested to see what you make of it…

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