A…..is for-

The Alphabet photo challenge and reading challenge has begun. But let me back up.

Tomorrow I head to Sydney to see the Tina Turner musical and spend a couple of days taking photos with a friend. Now, I’ll need a book to read on the plane. Will put my soundproof headphones on and enjoy a couple of hours in the air.

Alphabet by author’s last name: The A book is Robbie Arnott’s book Limberlost. I have heard so much about it and hope I can finish it then pass it on. It has won numerous awards and everyone I know seems to have read it or is talking about it. The blurb states:

“In the heat of a long summer Ned hunts rabbits in a river valley, hoping the pelts will earn him enough money to buy a small boat.

His two brothers are away at war, their whereabouts unknown. His father and older sister struggle to hold things together on the family orchard, Limberlost.

Desperate to ignore it all-to avoid the future rushing towards him-Ned dreams of open water.

As his story unfolds over the following decades, we see how Ned’s choices that summer come to shape the course of his life, the fate of his family and the future of the valley, with its seasons of death and rebirth.

The third novel by the award-winning author of Flames and The Rain Heron, Limberlost is an extraordinary chronicle of life and land- of carnage and kindness, blood ties and love.”


Yesterday I visited a home where a young woman had lost a ring from her grandmother somewhere between her garden and a large hardware store several miles north. She posted on our Good Karma fb page wanting a metal detector. I contacted her and said I don’t loan it out but I would come over and scour her back yard. After 90 minutes yesterday digging up screws, nails, bottle tops and crushed beer cans I am fairly certain there is no ring in her yard. She said it could be in her house and one of her two cats found it. One of her cats is a kitten so we can all guess what could have happened if that is the case. She presented me with a lovely bottle of red wine for my efforts so it was a good return for me anyway.

I then headed north to begin my Alphabet photography challenge. I really want to visit places I have not been so the afternoon had me at the James Austin cottage north of Hobart 14 kms. A for Austin. The wind was blowing a gale but the sun was out and although cold it didn’t take long to explore the small grounds of this property. I’d never seen it before.

Google told me:
It is a small and simple cottage, built by James Austin in 1809 and is located a couple of hundred metres from the Austins Ferry Yacht Club.
Austin was a convict who had been transported to Port Phillip in HMS Calcutta in 1803 and then transported to Van Diemen’s Land in 1804. His crime was the theft of beehives valued at thirty shillings and he built Austins’s cottage on his release from local stone. He named the cottage and farm after Baltonsborough the village of his birth in Somerset, England. In 1816 James Austin and his cousin James Earl established the first trans Derwent ferry service which remained the main transport route from Hobart Town to Launceston until completion of the Bridgewater causeway in 1838.

He became prosperous and developed a large farm property and orchards. He died in 1831. The original farmhouse he lived in is gone and an inn built at the time burned in the 1967 bushfires.

It was a lovely day out and finished off with a toasted sandwich and a flat white coffee sitting outdoors in freezing wind along the River Derwent. I look forward to future challenges. We need to go out into bad weather at times just to feel alive🤠🌻.

I hope you enjoy the little cottage photos. I’m tempted to visit it one Sunday arternoon when it is open.

I will finish off with our cat, Cousin Eddie helping me pack. So glad I noticed him.

No Eddie, you can’t come with me. Hiding in my bag was entirely his idea. I did not pose him.

7 thoughts on “A…..is for-

  1. What an adventurous day. Must be fascinating going around with a detector. And you saw the Tina Turner musical. Just as she died the other day. Fascinating woman I think. How was it?


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