A Small Breakaway

Not my photo…we all need a laugh everyday. Photographer unknown.

In January I was notified I had a bunch of Frequent Flyer points and I needed to use them by end of March or lose them. I had been wanting to fly to Sydney to see the Tina Turner musical as I love anything to do with Tina Turner. Event though she does not play herself in the play I think the actor who won the part will be very good. So I booked it all and leave Monday.

I’ll be there for five days. Two days will be spent with a good friend doing photography. Hopefully some street and urban photography one day and animals another. Then I’ll come home.

This book has those beautiful beveled type pages, don’t remember the name of those and fold in covers.

I’m taking my lovely copy of Hemingway’s book The Sun Also Rises to read on the plane. That is the June book club read. It is one of the books of his I have not read due to the bull fighting in it but I’ll just have to skim over that part if it gets too busy.

When I return I am going to do a little photography project and a book project. Both are alphabet projects. Tasmania is cold and dark for the winter and it is important to get out for some sun. Photo project will have me visiting different places alphabetically with my camera. Saturday I am visiting a local spot that starts with A. I’ll include it in a future blog. I’m hoping to find some interesting spots in southern Tasmania that I have not been to before.

Photographer unknown

Alphabetical TBR project. I have my book club reads that are often more substantial but I have a lot of books on my shelf that are slimmer and need to be read and removed. So I will start with an author that begins with A and go from there. We’ll see how far I get until the first day of spring, equinox spring, but of September spring.

So stay tuned for my thoughts on that and some photos hopefully in a couple of weeks. Stay well everyone.

8 thoughts on “A Small Breakaway

  1. Love that you found a good excuse to go to Sydney. Enjoy. I love your alphabetical projects – they are the sort of project that would appeal to me though I don’t imagine I would stick at them these days.

    Love the kangaroos joke. Priceless.

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