Queenstown, New Zealand

So far we have had a very lovely, laid back trip. We don’t have long days of driving and stay at each destination for two nights. Weather has varied between beautiful days to pouring rain.

I have taken photos as we go. I’ll post up a few here. Looking forward to getting home and seeing our fur guys. We always misss the four of them when away. They are such a large part of our lives but all are in good hands.

A fun Mexican restaurant we ate at in Christ Church.
Dahlias in a Botanical gardens in Timaru.
Botanical gardens in Dunedin. They are known for their giant rhododendron trees
Presbyterian cathedral in Dunedin
Monapouri sunset on west coast.

Arrived into Queenstown last night to a very rainy welcome but it has since cleared up.

View from our room.

Tomorrow we head to Lake Topako then back to Christchurch. They had a 4+ earthquake the day after we left so we didn’t feel it but I understand people there felt it. Not an experience I aspire to.

Mr Penguin finished Yeomi Park’s book, While Time Remains and is now in my possession. I look forward to reading it. Will be back in touch.

I might add I gave up on Seven Moons of Maali Almeida. I’m sure it is an interesting, well written book to have won a Booker but the tale is extremely convoluted and violent from the point of view of a dead man. I will attend the book club meeting to hear about it but just not the book for me while enjoying travels and needs more concentration than I am willing to give at this time.

More soon…….

17 thoughts on “Queenstown, New Zealand

  1. Wonderful photos, what a great trip.
    I must say I like very few of the Booker winners. Hilary Mantel is an exception, so I am not surprised.

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    1. It is a beautiful building. So many beautiful cathedrals in the world. I can’t help but wonder how people physically manage to build them, especially before the heavy equipment available now.


    1. The Moons book is very unusual. Will be interested to see what book club members think of it. I’m glad you enjoyed the pictures. I will add a couple more later on. Such a beautiful country. Always nice to hear from you.🤠🌻❤️


  2. It looks beautiful there. The rhododendron trees are quite interesting and twisty. I love how the mountains come down to the water. Nice to to have a mixture of rain and sunshine if it’s not too cold. Very peaceful looking place.

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