Rainy Day in New Zealand

We have arrived. Christ Church is a lovely city. Tomorrow we pick up a car and begin circle of the south island. I will try to post but as it is a rainy day there is time. Not sure if the weather becomes gorgeous. 😀🐧

Just sharing some photos with captions today.

Enjoyed the tram loop around the city.
Rainy day street photography with the phone.
No idea who the man is. A wonderful book store.
In front of the book store.

Mr Penguin picked up this book. I met her at the Sydney Writers festival years ago and was so impressed. Her first book is simply amazing of her escape from North Korea. We both admire her so much.

Time for afternoon tea.

Mr Penguin is happy to have found a newspaper.
Afternoon tea. Decadence encapsulated. Mfudgy brownie with a berry syrupy fill inside, cream and hokey pokey gelato
Need I say more?
The gelato has a dog walking event. We saw it last night. About 50 dogs. Then hey all get treated to doggie gelato. The recipe is: blend together peanut butter, banana and cocoanut milk in a blender then freeze. I will have to try this with our dogs. I think they would love it.

15 thoughts on “Rainy Day in New Zealand

  1. Your photos are helping me reminisce about my trip to NZ about five years ago which included a ride on the tram and of course a visit to the Scorpio bookshop. Christchurch is a fascinating city – hope you can get to the exhibition about the earthquake. Its very sensitively put together.


  2. I enjoyed the pix; Scorpio bkshop looked tempting, and I have finally seen a pic of you! I could be very enthusiastic about your teatime treats … and the idea of doggy gelato? hmmm … well, why not?


  3. Looks like you had a swell day. Such beautiful photos, I especially like the one with the tram driver, but they are all great. Hand me some of the brownies, please. Enjoy your holiday. You are really on for a great start.


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