Quite the fun week….

I’m going to start with Tuesday as Monday was Regatta day here and also the last day of the big Wooden Boat festival that saw our harbour full of tall ships and very old lovely boats all made of wood. First time since Covid and I know it was well attended due to all the tourists in town as well as a cruise ship. I stayed home. I don’t enjoy crowds anymore.

Tuesday had me back to the eye specialist for a six month check. Although I have sight in the left eye everything remains stable and good eye is still good. Happy with that.

Read some more from Remainders of the day of the Wigtown bookseller in Scotland. That is the book I read waiting for appointments and the bus.

Tuesday night I began in Photo club 2. First time. A small group of lovely, very active, friendly photographers who always do photographic activities with a coffee shop and chats. My kind of group. Early March we are all going to go to a country show to take photos. Should be fun.

Wednesday uneventful except I had a good weights class. Was really in the zone which is often unusual. Walking through the city mall I came across an old dog tied to a pole with several young women around it concerned as no sign of owner. In the sun, on cement, no water. The girls brought it water. I called RSPCA to report. They said ring Council. I did. Dog control guy unavailable. Dog was there about 30 minutes when a young woman dressed as a goth, spikes, buckles, tatts (which is fine with me) arrived back with her dog. I gave her a verbal serve as this quite old dog should not be treated with such a lack of respect. I berated her a bit and she in reply was very sarcastic and rude in return. In the background of the mall while this was going on a busker singing operatic soprano at top of her voice was happening, along with a homeless man the police were being very kind to, yelling at the top of his lungs. It was quite chaotic actually that afternoon. I left the forh, she got her dog, continued to make fun of me. I didn’t care. I made my point in front of quite a few people.

Customer chooses a wrapped, unknown book to buy. Enough description provided to determine type of book. One book has a $103.00 voucher in it. Almost all of the books sold. The pile was twice this size when I went in there in the morning.

Thursday was Fullers Book shop 103rd birthday. Lots going on in the shop. All good fun. Stopped in, had a coffee, listened to the jazz quartet that was playing live all afternoon. Love that store. Also a geoup against racism from TAFE were invited in to choose some journals for their writing as gifts. Lovely idea.

Photo by Fullers staff
The TAFE students with their new journals. Students against racism. Photo by Fullers staff

Thursday night a friend of mine and I went to a launch of the book The Manuscript, A story of revenge by Lucy Bloom. She talked about how she got her idea, told us about character development and presented as a really fun speaker. She had very bad laryngitis so the event was cut short but no one minded. We all had fun. So quite a fun week.

Came home and continued to work my way through Lessons in Chemistry. Enjoying most of it but don’t like how the dog is anthropomorphised. I find that irritating. Other than that it is fun to read.

Today Hobart is to get to 32C (96F). I went up to my secret site that used to have an old building on it that burned in the 67 bushfires. I found a 1974 one cent coin and a 1990 2 cent coin and a hole with 10 very old, bent, corroded nails that have been in the ground for a very long time. I thought maybe an apprentice from years ago was learning to use a hammer and bent all the nails, buried them all in a hole so his boss didn’t find them. It is fun to make up stories.

What a week. I’ll scrounge up some photos and get this on line. Hope everyone is well and your week is good.

8 thoughts on “Quite the fun week….

  1. I would LOVE to go to Regatta Day, but like you, I’m not a fan of crowds so I probably wouldn’t go.

    Photo Club 2 definitely sounds like fun!!!

    Fuller’s 103rd sounds fun as well.

    That is SO sad about that dog. That was good of you to be his advocate.


  2. Goodness, you *have* had a week, and I would have been with you having a go at that girl for neglecting her dog. I no doubt would have been branded a nosy old bag, but if you have an animal you should care for it!!!


  3. It seems you had a wonderful week full of actions, good and bad. Sometimes you wonder why people have animals. Well done, to tell her off.
    I saw a YouTube going through some of the hiped books of 2022. Lessons in Chemistry was one of them. Seems like an easy and enjoyable read. It ended up 2nd out of three. The others were Tomorrow, Tomorrow, Tomorrow, #1 and Babel, #3. I have Babel on my list, but the other two seems fine as well.
    So exciting to go out looking for old items in the ground. Congratulations to the coins.


  4. I like the way the bookshop does their mystery books. I’ve sometimes thought of signing up for this, but only if they filter the choices in ways that suit me. I’d be furious if I paid good money to get some crime novel or a rural romance or a misery memoir. So I think I’m better off not doing it.

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