I began blogging when I first started collecting vintage Penguin books in 2010. For several years it was all about those books published from 1935 – 1970. I lived and breathed learning about Penguin publishers history, collected them from four continents and had a library of approx. 3000 books.

As time went on though and age began creeping in, the library was sold. The only Penguin set I have now are a series of books from the vintage Penguin Travel Library published after 1970.

It is now 2022 and a lot has changed in the world and I still have an extensive library.  I am also passionate about photography, nature, animals, art and travel. While travel hasn’t been possible during this Covid era, I have outgrown the Travellin Penguin. However he still exists but from now on will be in a bit of a different format.

I have a new motorbike arriving, hopefully in September of this year. I had to downsize from the 350cc Piaggio touring bike I sold last year as it became too heavy.  I will now have a Piaggio 150s Medley touring scooter that is approx 50 kgs lighter. I didn’t think I’d be riding again after last year’s sale but I miss it too much.  It was fun motorbiking with girlfriends into the country for a coffee. 

I’d like to get into the narrow back roads of Tasmania where parking a car is difficult, in order to work pursue my photography in out of the way areas. But stay tuned to see how this goes.

In the meantime I will enjoy sharing my weeks with you of book events, of which I attend many through our lovely 102 year old Fullers Book Shop, here in Hobart. I will continue with photography. A couple of new interests I have discovered is Urban Sketching and sharing postcards through IUOMA (art cards) and PostCrossing.com. I plan on continuing these activities over the winter as much as I can. I’ve not dabbled in arty activities in the past but with so many adventures coming up, as local as they may be I think it would be great fun. I really enjoy communicating with people from all cultures and countries. I hope you will join me and stop by, say hello and share some fun.  I’m in my 70s now but there is still
time for new adventures.