The Book Events I’ll Be Attending…

For the most part. I am looking forward to meeting a lot of interesting writers in the coming months. The authors here will be of interest to Australian readers but I’d like to encourage readers in other states to attend author events.

There are always a lot of speakers one can go to but I find writers are the most interesting. The authors speak for 30 to 40 minutes with 15 or 20 minutes for questions. Fullers time keeping is impeccable and I appreciate that.

One day I might hear about Antarctica. Another day I might hear how another writer came up with the fantasy idea that is in his or her novel. Sometimes it’s political or environmental. Often times I have enjoyed an artistic conversation or seen some wonderful photography.

Writers encompass all subjects and thoughts and I often walk away from these events having learned something new to this old brain. Writers make me think. Sometimes I disagree with their points of view but I hear about the issue in a different way. Many times I am entertained such as hearing the music of the late Archie Roach.

There are author events in many cities around the world and if you are fortunate enough to live near these events I’d encourage you to attend, even if you aren’t familiar with the person. It is an inexpensive way to support your local book shop and have a different kind of an evening.

Australians will appreciate the agenda in Hobart this next month.

6 thoughts on “The Book Events I’ll Be Attending…

  1. It bothers me that the business of being a author involves almost as much speaking as writing. Either you’re on the public speaking circuit or you’re teaching ‘creative writing’. Whatever happened to the writer as recluse.

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    1. I imagine there are reclusive authors but you wouldn’t see them or hear from them. Lol. I always think being a writer on tour would be terribly boring. I don’t like repetition in jobs and I’d struggle with having to say the same thing over and over and over in different locations.


  2. Local Indie bookstores should be supported to the fullest, once they’re gone, all you can find is Airport Novels and Romances in the chainstores …. a fate to be energetically avoided.


  3. I agree too about the pleasure of hearing writers. My local bookshops tend not to run these events, but my library does and is just getting into gear again after the pandemic.
    But I also manage to get to some that are interstate or even overseas by Zoom… I’m ‘going to’ a launch in New Zealand this week!


  4. Totally agree with you Pam about writers generally making the best speakers. I have not attended nearly enough in recent years (for which the pandemic is only a part reason). But I hope to rectify that in coming years. That schedule looks great.


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