Nothing is really work unless you would rather be doing something else.” — James M. Barrie

Our cat enclosure we call the lockup.

I am back and hope to be back again sooner this time. I had a great many things to catch up on in life and I gave films and books a complete miss for almost a month. I just put my head down and moved forward with a myriad of chores, new structures, health jobs and all that’s worth doing around here.

Now I look ahead to the rest of spring and summer with more spare time and a new reading area in our back “lockup”. Our lockup is a lanai type area behind our house and we enclosed it with lattice panels and laser light ceiling. It has a large passion fruit vine just cut back a bit as it was taking over. It is a lovely area for our cats to be outdoors as we don’t believe in letting cats roam outdoors, especially in Australia where so many native animals are small and cars are often driven by hoons.

So this post is pretty book free….but not entirely. I bought a small electric folding bike and I need to learn to ride it. Approaching age 73 next month, my balance is not great and although I work on it in the gym and at home, I think riding a bike will help. Waiting for a mirror to arrive as I hate being on roads around here without a mirror. I never understood why bicyclists don’t use mirrors like motorbikers.

I have done a bit of photography and magazine reading but no books. I have attended several book launches.

Today I received a lovely, short book by Sarah Bernhardt called In The Clouds from my Renard press subscription. I think I will ease back into reading with this 95 page novella published in 1878 to the utter dismay of Gustave Flaubert, when it replaced his.

I hope everyone has stayed well and has been enjoying hearing about the Booker Price announced today. The Sri Lankan book looks very interesting as were the other books it was up against. They were certainly different from each other. I would hate to be a judge.

Well that is me for the moment so I am happy to be online again.

16 thoughts on “Nothing is really work unless you would rather be doing something else.” — James M. Barrie

  1. Seems like you have a relaxing time, and it sounds very good. Sometimes one has to venture into doing something else than reading. Your bike looks great. I admit that it is more difficult to keep the balance these days. Thank you for the recommendation of In the Clouds. Sounds lovely, and will fit into November Novellas.

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  2. Love your reading nook. How much of the year will you be able to use it?

    I love the sound of that novella, particularly given Flaubert’s reaction to it.

    Oh, and I’m just a few years behind you, and know all about whang on our balance – critical. We are downsizing to a place where a bike would be really useful, but never having had one – well, not really, in the ride on the road to go places sense – I feel I just don’t have the bite road sense to make it sensible. And I fear falling off a bike could be more disastrous than just tripping on a path.


    1. I know what you mean about the bike. We have a lovely trail for bikes and people a km down the road that takes us right into town. I just need the nerve to do that first km. We can use the lockup spring, summer and fall, though some days I might need a polar fleece wrap and other days it is just too hot when sun comes in. I laughed when I read about Flaubert on line. They are both writers I know little about.

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  3. When I went to buy a bike I was dreading the test drive, hadn’t been on one for years and yes I was wobbly. Love having the bike though, enjoy the bike, it will be fun. Although I am always a bit concerned about being on the road too, don’t trust some of our drivers.


  4. I still ride my push bike, my balance is ok, though swinging my leg over the crossbar is a trial. I’d probably have an electric bike by now but I live up a couple of flights of stairs, and carrying it up would be too much. Good luck with yours.


  5. Welcome back – you were missed. Your lanaai/lockup looks delightful, enjoy it. Suddenly I’m seeing many electric bikes in my area, ridden by delivery men. Enjoy yo9urs!

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