A Short Reprieve

Just a hop and a skip away. Photo taken at Bonorong Wildlife Sanctuary Tasmania


I’m having a winter’s break this month from blogging and commenting on too many blogs. I’ve been blogging now for 10 years and I’ve lost a bit of motivation but do not want to stop.  It’s winter and to keep my mood and motivation going I’m walking, devoting my time to photography and spending time with Ollie.  I still enjoy reading the blogs of people I follow and will continue to do so. You don’t leave friends in a hurry. I’m enjoying winter and just being well.

When I return to blogging the first week of August I’m going to be trying to only post once or twice a month. I will share the posts between books, photography and travels though most travels will be within Southern Tasmania either on the motorbike or on foot. I will tie that in with photography.

I hope everyone is staying well and doing the right thing by this Covid mess the world is dealing with. In the meantime don’t lose hope. There is so much of interest in the world with and without it. We just have to look for it.

I’ll be back with some books I’ve finished, some interesting photos and maybe a new wardrobe for the Penguin. All the best.2020-05-31 11.24.50

15 thoughts on “A Short Reprieve

  1. I know exactly how you must be feeling…it’s thirteen years for me, and while I am a bit lacking in motivation, I don’t want to quit blogging altogether. It would be so helpful if we could all meet in person! ☺️ Have a lovely break, be well.


    1. Thank you. I’ll be writing again very soon. Have had some eye issues but surgery has fixed it so just healing now. Stay well and happy reading and writing.

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  2. Hello. Enjoy the break. I’m also a long term blogger. ( years and counting. Like you, I periodically need a break. The well runs dry. Look forward to seeing your posts as & when you feel inclined. Meantime, be safe and be well.


  3. Fully understandable. I post most unregular these days, although I have more time! I will miss you and Penguin, but know that you will be back once you have recovered. We all need it. Take care, keep the distance and enjoy the freedom.


  4. ten years is a long time… rest replenishes the faculties… hope you have a fun time…


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