A Bit of a Catch Up

victory-in-the-kitchenI’m finding the current situation in the world very weird. I’m not going to say anything more about this virus thing as I am well and truly tired of hearing about it. We are doing everything right though. Like everyone else we are trying to find things to do around the house and that isn’t too hard. For a start I have a lot of books I can read. I also have a 7 month old puppy to spend time with. So each day I ask myself- “will it be a quiet book and a cup of coffee?” or “will it be a crazy , high energy puppy to occupy my time?”


I have been reading a lot of photography magazines and watching you tube videos on the subject. So not reading a lot of novels. However I did start this one which I am enjoying so far at a fairly slow pace. It’s called Victory in the Kitchen: The Life of  Churchill’s Cook by Annie Gray. The blurb on the cover states, ” This is a book about Georgina Landmark. It’s about her life, her times and some of her employers, including Winston and Clementine Churchill. It’s about working class life, and women’s work and expectations, and it’s about domestic service at the highest level. It’s about British food and French influence, and the impact of war on the way we ate. Above all else, though, it’s the story of a woman who loved, loved and cooked her way through much of 20th century Britain, and, while her life is made more resonant by her relationship to her last employers, it remains Georgina’s story.

I might also add I love the cover of this book.

Other activities: 

90419399_3070627949638320_5357850227199967232_oWe have three cats and for entertainment they are quite hard on their cat tree. We replace the one in the house every few years by moving the old one outside to their enclosure and adding a new one to the living room. I ordered one online and it arrived in a flat pack package and I had to put it together. Once I sorted all the pieces and made sure everything was there I got it together this morning.  I had to spray vinegar water around it to keep little Ollie from grabbing pieces and running through the house with them. I often spray a bit of vinegar water on things I don’t want him to chew, such as the edges of furniture or power cords.  It works well as he hates the smell.


Our cats took one look at this tree, backed up and went, “Whoa! Check this out!!”  So far, we are getting gentle sniffing at it but not daring yet to venture onto it. I’m sure it won’t be long before they explore it properly,

Photography and bush walks with Ollie:

89828882_3055537494480699_5550781738684252160_oWe have a reserve behind our house that has trails that eventually lead to the pinnacle of Mt, Wellington.  Ollie and I took the camera out one beautiful autumn day and took some photos.  He sniffs out wallaby poo and I look for things to photograph. I thought I’d do a bit of macro work. These are the photos.

Well that pretty much sums up the week. I won’t go on too much about the cancellation of all of my activities I generally participate in. The Book group and Shakespeare group at Fuller’s book store have stopped though a Shakespeare activities is coming up soon online dealing with the sonnets. That should be fun.

The Play reading, Motorbike group rides and social events, the sketch groups at the 90047539_3055537341147381_6826748498633818112_omuseum and all photography events have been cancelled as well. Though the sketch group has a fb page and our photo club currently has a bingo game going on with our fb page.

In summary, it really is a strange time and I’m finding it quite interesting to see the progression of the government rules coming out daily. Tasmania is currently locked now. You can leave but you can’t enter without going into 2 weeks isolation though they are still working on how they monitor the caravans coming in on the ferries from interstate and driving around everywhere.  Governments are great at issuing orders before they work out how they are to be implemented and monitored.

90094922_3055537697814012_1509713474496757760_oAnd if I do get really bored there is Netflix though I don’t want to dive too deep into that entertaining activity.  Remember, I have all these books

I hope all of you out there are doing well and coping and staying well.  It is distressing to see what is happening with people losing jobs, getting sick and dying in large numbers around the world. But it is careful we balance these things out in our mind to prevent getting too depressed about it all. I appreciate all my blogger friends at this time and sometimes I don’t have time to comment on all the blogs I read, I do read most of them, most of the time. I appreciate seeing what others are doing during these weird times.



He was so exhausted after his bush walk. Check out the spots on the belly. I love puppy bellies.













masked penguin
Stay Well.

13 thoughts on “A Bit of a Catch Up

  1. I’m glad to see the Penguin is taking all reasonable precautions.

    My husband built our cats a cat tree, and I rubbed catnip all over it. They decided they liked it right away. 😀


  2. All of your photos are great, as usual, but the one of Ollie was the icing on the cake. How can you keep yourself from tickling that soft puppy belly?!


  3. Henry’s favorite is ball point pens: but just the ends of them… we’re supposed to be in seclusion also but i still get a bike ride several times a week and mrs. m picks up things at stores after phoning them… nice that you have a place to walk! i forget if i mentioned that i’m now at mudpuddlesoup2.blogspot.com… i couldn’t get posts to publish and so switched loyalties… the new site is pretty bleak; i’m still trying to figure out how to put pictures on it (i’m stupid about computers)…lovely shot of bricks? rocks? or maybe old wood?


  4. Thank you for sharing those lovely images from your current life. While we’re all housebound it’s marvellous to see what other people are up to! I’m sure Ollie is a wonderful distraction (what a cutie!) and you are very lucky to have such a lovely landscape close by. I too am sick of the news – just working at home and trying to keep distracted. At least I’m not likely to run out of reading material! 😀


    1. I’m finding that I have so much time to read but keep getting distracted by my own mind. I cracked open a jigsaw. I am at least getting an hour a day reading but could do so much more. Doesn’t help that we are nlw having fine weather. I need rain and cold to concentrate. 😁😁😁

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  5. I’m enjoying hearing what other people are doing to cope with this weird time. Craft activities seem popular. I should dig out all the half finished projects I have stashed away including a cross stitch one that was a birthday present about 10 years ago. It’s travelled around the world with me but is still only three quarters done. One thing I haven’t done is to read more.

    How lucky you have the cats to keep you amused and the trail nearby . Disappointing obviously that all our social activities are cancelled. I feel most for people like my parents who now don’t get to see anyone because they’ve been told people of their age should stay indoors.


  6. Ha, ha! I can just imagine Ollie thinking that the cat tree is a new game just for him…
    We had some disasters when Amber was a pup. She chewed the binding off a very old copy of Daddy Long Legs that I had, but more annoying because it took so long to fix was that she chewed the skirting boards at the corners, right back to bare wood. They had to be sanded back and smoothed to a semblance of a curve, then a coat of primer, of undercoat and two coats of white paint. Even now, I notice them, though nobody else does.


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