Simply Sunday

It’s been a pleasant weekend. There is a very large book sale down the road put on by Rotary club this weekend.  I took my motorbike down yesterday as Mr. Penguin was helping out on a friend’s farm.


I didn’t think I would find much and I wasn’t going to go but you know how it is. A very large book sale less than two kms away?  Would you at least check it out?  I did. I found six new books and I could not believe it.  The ones I found could not be left behind. It would keep me awake at night.  I went straight to the literature/classics section. Wasn’t interested in anything else.  Here you have them.

I have never read any of his books and I have always wanted to.


Very unfamiliar with this author but hey, it’s a Persephone. It must have merit.


  • Graham Greene’s The Power and the Glory
  • Graham Greene’s Brighton Rock
  • Persephone (which you NEVER see in Tasmania) Saplings by Noel Streatfield


I like Hemingway a lot as long as I don’t have to read about his African hunting excursions and the Bullring in Spain.
I have a very small collection of Virago and think they are lovely books.
This is close in size to a coffee table book. Just beautiful.
  • A Farewell to Arms by Ernest Hemingway
  • Over the Frontier by Stevie Smith – green Virago
  • The Illustrated Edition of Charles Dickens. A very large, double column gorgeous book filled with illustrations. Simply gorgeous.

The next thing I did was come home and culled 16 or 17 books from my shelf and they will be donated to the Red Cross book shop. I chose that shop because it is in the city centre and each time I visit it is full of young adult and the elderly picking through the books. They also sell them for the most affordable prices than other op shops. My shelves look emptier already. (*cough *sputter)


I had another weekend win today.  My good friend in Florida sent me a photo that was taken of her with a phone under a beautiful tree in Charleston, South Carolina.  She just returned from a short trip there. The problem is there were heaps of tourists and she asked me if I could get rid of the man dressed in orange.  This is an exercise I need to work on in Photoshop so I enjoyed trying. I didn’t think the result would be so good though so once again I am happy (and terribly surprised.)


She is dressed in red. Isn’t it a beautiful tree. So much clutter in the photo though. Everywhere !


Judy tree
1. Cropped it.  2.Got rid of people and the shed.  3. Brightened up her top. 4. Filled in the bare patch in background right and filled in the space between the branches.

I looks a lot better now.


The last thing that was a happy event today is that Ollie and I took a walk up to the fire trail up the road from our house. We used to go up and visit the donkey.  We would take her carrots. Odie and I did this a lot before he died.  But the last two times we visited the donkey was gone. As there’s been a drought I was worried they sold him. I was hoping they only moved him to a better paddock. He’s been gone all summer so I figured that was it.

Donkey 1

Today. as we walked up the road I heard the loudest, biggest braying. I couldn’t believe my ears. Ollie and I walked up to his regular paddock and lo and behold, she was there. He was on the far side of the paddock but as soon as soon as she saw us she walked over so we could pet her. I felt so bad I didn’t have a carrot for her as I usually do. She and Ollie sniffed noses.

Donkey 2
The two of them were really interested in each other. Ollie is more fearless than is good for him.

This weekend has been a good one and I am continuing ignoring all the hype about everything going on in the world at the moment. I really can’t take it much longer so I’m making a concerted effort to do other things that make me smile.

Okay, your turn…. What did you do this weekend?

Screenshot 5
Currently reading a book about Antarctica. Would love to visit one day.

10 thoughts on “Simply Sunday

  1. 1st paragraph…as Mr. Penguin was…what? I’m dying to know. LOL

    Yah no. I would definitely have to AT LEAST take a look at the books at the booksale. Can’t pass one up.

    Wow you did a GREAT job editing that photo! Even got rid of the yellow cones.

    I’m so happy Donkey is back!!!


  2. marvelous finds at the book sale! we’ve been culling out our shelves also; several hundred volumes to be donated to the library… photoshop is a lost world to me unfortunately: kind of like trying to understand physics haha fantastic tree, tho; i can’t describe how much i love trees: more than many humans for sure… it’s so grand that Mr. donkey returned: the little miracles that make it all worthwhile… lovely post, tx…


  3. What wonderful finds! I can understand how you couldn’t leave them behind… I love Graham Greene a lot, but I’ve not read The Power and the Glory, and it’s decades since I read Brighton Rock (it’s great though). And a Persephone! Not one I’ve read, but definitely not to be left behind. 😀

    And your photo editing expertise is amazing! I’m not so great at that, so I tend to get Mr. Kaggsy to do anything complex as he’s a bit of whiz with that kind of thing.

    And lovely pictures of the donkey with Ollie – animals so often get along where you least expect them to! Keep sharing pictures of him – he’s wonderful therapy at the moment! 😀


    1. I have a lot to still learn, like books, one never reaches the end. Thank you for your kind comments. Ollie is a stinker. But he does distract feom all the current nonsense in the world. So depressing. Just never ending. I think I would be happy to be quarantined.

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  4. LOL “The ones I found could not be left behind. It would keep me awake at night.” I can really identify with that!
    My weekend has been quiet… watching more rubbish on TV while my eyes recover, but also, yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay! last night I found that, without glasses I could (just) read a story from William Trevor’s Last Stories, if I left the book on the bedside table and read it at arm’s length. I’ve read three more this way today though I had to stop after that because the headache came back. After three weeks of not reading, I can’t tell you how wonderful it felt to lose myself in a book, even if it was only a sort story and not a novel.
    We’ve also been harvesting from the garden: The Spouse made half a dozen jars of zucchini pickle, and I made two zucchini loaves (one’s in the freezer) and a dozen zucchini muffins. We also had some little ‘Mad Hatter’ capsicums, and I’ve made the red ones into red pepper pesto, and the green ones are just in a jar with oil and rosemary to preserve them until I use them up in lasagne or something.


    1. You are very domestic. Mr. P won’t eat zucchini so it would all be wasted on him though if you hide it …… I just had my left eye layered on Tuesday so treating that before the next checkup. Vision is better in it. Trying to fight off glaucoma in it. So far so good. I hope you have a lovely week.


      1. It’s marvellous what they can do for eyes now, good luck with it.
        I can email you my recipe for zucchini bread and muffins (same recipe for both.) I guarantee he’ll love it, but if he doesn’t you can eat them all!


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