I have been….

Snip20160609_6I saw this meme from A Literary Odyssey and as I’m having a hard time getting organised to write a post after the past couple of months I thought I would try it. Consider it a starter for more posts to come.

I have been:

Only little notes to myself but I begin attending my writing group today so I am hoping to get back into the swing of things.  I am looking forward to some old structured activities in my life.
I have read two books this week. A Salty Path which I loved and will talk about more soon and Eleanor Oliphant is Fine which is a quirky tale I listened to from audible.com. I will talk about this book also.  I just picked up three books from the library yesterday which I will also share very soon.  In my U3A Play Reading Class we will begin Arsenic and Old Lace next Tuesday afternoon.
I haven’t listened to music in a long time. Maybe I need to. I listen to audible books every chance I get and when I wake up in the middle of the night I listen to the ABC radio programs. I hear some interesting interviews in the middle of the night along with all the other insomniacs across Australia
I am addicted to BBC First on Foxtel. If it’s not a British drama series I probably won’t see it. I shy away from the news quite often and immerse myself in the sweeping vistas of the British countryside. Shetland is one of my favourite programs at the moment. I am waiting to see if Vera has a new series that I haven’t seen too.
I look at quite a few new blog posts every morning with my coffee.  I enjoy seeing what everyone is reading and doing and they inspire me to get off my big behind and look for new things to interest me.
I’m in a photography club and I am learning Adobe Lightroom and Photoshop in order to complete the monthly challenges that are theme based each month. I have learned so much from the members of this club and watch a lot of You Tube videos that are instructional and so very useful.
I have been feeling quite flat since returning from our big trip and know it is a combination of having lost my mother in February and then completing such a huge, challenging African trip in March.  I am home now and my brain is digesting all that has happened in the past two months. The reason I have been holing up at home and not been “out there” too much. I am starting to emerge from the shell though.
Bonorong Wildlife Sanctuary is holding their Quiz Night in early June and I have bought tickets for a table of 8. All of the money raised will go to their wildlife hospital they have up and running now and it will be a hilarious night out. Our table is filled with close friends who are participating and it will be a great night of laughs and fun.
I am wishing I could turn on the news one day and Donald Trump wasn’t the President of the USA.  I get so tired of him and hearing about him.
Being at home. It is warm and safe and it is full of love, security and animals. I love having a different animal in my lap every time I sit down though sitting in a chair with two cats and two dogs is a bit tough at times.
This post has kick started my interest again in blogging and I will return soon.

Author: TravellinPenguin

I live a retired life in Tasmania, Australia. I love books, travel, animals, photography, motor biking and good friends. I indulge in all these activities with the little Travellin' Penguin who has now shared four continents with me. We love book shops, photography walks and time with friends as all our family is in USA and Canada. I enjoy visitors to my blog so hope you'll stop by.

13 thoughts on “I have been….”

  1. I’m sorry about your mother, too. I lost my parents within six months of each other in 1999 and 2000. I think it was the start of many years of sadness. I still miss them and sometimes find myself thinking that I’ll just pick up the phone and call my mother. They were such a source of security and love. You must be emotionally and physically exhausted from your loss and your long trip to Africa. Totally understandable.


  2. I’m glad you made it back safe and sound! I’m sure you do need to recoup after your travels. I am sorry about your mother. A good friend just lost her father from cancer and so she is also having to deal with the loss of a loved one. My dad turned 83 today and I am so grateful for every day with him.

    I watch a lot of British television. They’ve made some really good productions of Dickens’ novels and I am also addicted to Hercule Poirot and Foyle’s War.

    Take care!


  3. My 97 year old Dad died the end of February, we drove 1500 miles, stayed 3 weeks, came home to pneumonia and a really bad cold. Thank goodness it’s Spring as we slowly come back to life. I love both your Instagram and blog posts, Pam. Thanks for being honest and open.

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  4. International travel is tiring, especially as one enters the senior years. Si no surprise that you have been feeling flat. Too much to process, as you remarked.
    I do like your writing prompts to kick-start your blog engine. In fact I have noted them for my own use during a future (& inevitable) slump. Have a good day!

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  5. Sorry to hear about the loss of your mother. It’s not surprising you are feeling flat after what you have done/been through in the last couple of months.

    Love this post, by the way.

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  6. It is almost a year since my father died, and a bit over two years since the death of my mother, and although I am not one for ‘wallowing’ (as my mother would say) I am still surprised by how much this has affected me. Losing parents leaves one a bit adrift, and I am only now starting in a tentative way to start the life that I thought I was going to have when I retired…
    So take it easy, and shed any expectations you might have about ‘getting over it’. Give yourself all the time you need.

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    1. i still find myself thinking about them at odd times and it’s been 12 years… life is never exactly what you think it’s going to be or is… anyway, it sounds like you’re at least twice as busy as me: all those activities would exhaust me pretty quick… look forward to hearing about the books.. i’m trying to imagine sitting in my chair with two doggies and kitties with me; lol, i just don’t believe it would work too well…

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      1. The animals piled up in the chair is lovely. We love all of them so much. It is just really nice to be enjoying a slower lifestyle at the moment but we’ll be ready to charge into something new before too long I imagine. Thank you for your comments. I always appreciate them.


    2. Thank you Lisa. I always deal with ‘crisis’ type events as though it was a professional job and get on with everything and then I crash several months later. My crash is over and I am settling into a more contented lifestyle after losing my mom. She was so ready to go but we will continue to miss her for a long time. Thank you for your comment. It is very kind and much appreciated.

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