Best Intentions- Africa continued

With starting times to most days at 5:30 am, long days on the road and not finishing with even longer buffet dinners at lodges there was no time for writing on this blog. We were also exhausted at the end of each day and internet connections were dodgy at best.

We arrived home Easter Sunday night about 10:00 pm and although this trip was incredibly beautiful, challenging, often confronting and glorious we are very happy to be home. I will now attempt to catch up with the myriad of photos taken and put some of the highlights here during the next couple of weeks or so.

I am sharing another Namibia day here with photos from a living museum we visited. The day was hot and dusty and the people we met here were so friendly and eager to share their way of life with us. Here are some photos.

This village was a display of life as a bushman.
She explained how the various local plant life is used for medicinal purposes and how they work. Another tribesman translated for her.
We were treated to a method to light a fire. It was amazing how fast the fire started and how quickly they could make it larger.
The people then shared a dance of greeting for us. 
The dance continued. 
Outside of the museum we gathered together to have our lunch which we carried with us most days to eat in the desert. This guy helped out with the dishes. He is earning money to study at university in Windhoek. He wants to work as a tour guide and speaks four languages including German. Lovely man.


This is the lodge were checked in later that day.
Later that day we went on a desert tour to look for the desert elephants. We came across this old guy.
The desert elephants are different to the ones we saw elsewhere. They are tall and this one was reportedly about 45  years old. It is incredible how they survive in the heat of this desert. 
While touring this desert we came across this common form of transport out here.
On the way back to the lodge were were treated with our first sighting of a giraffe in the distance.
A glorious Namibian desert sunset. This land is truly spectacular.

10 thoughts on “Best Intentions- Africa continued

  1. Great photos, Pam. I must say we were a bit worried about you – but presumed it was busy-ness in the end that got you. It’s challenging I know to keep up travel blogs.

    I’m late responding because I’ve been on the road for a few days too – but just to the Tumult area a couple of hours west of Canberra. Nowhere near as exotic as you.


  2. Fabulous photos! I could smell the dust and the heat. Your lodging looks comfortable, and what a treat to see animals in their habitat. Thanks for sharing.


  3. i’m glad you weren’t incapacitatingly ill… i want to climb into the photos and go for a walk… simply gorgeous… tx so much for sharing… wonderful elephant: he looks so wise…

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  4. A wonderful depiction of one of your days in Namibia. I’m surprised at how comfy-looking your lodge room was.


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