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ceriseLots of bits and pieces happening during the past week or so. The biggest news is that I have taken the rest of  my Penguin Book Collection to auction. It will be auctioned off on Friday. I did keep the vintage Illustrated Classics that comprise the wood prints and I kept the collection of cerise (pink) Penguins. They are the travel and adventure books mainly from the 1940’s to 1960’s. I also still have the 37 boxed sets.  I will probably keep the above lists on this blog as a reference for other people who collect Penguins.

As I drove away from the auction house I was near tears but then remembered the Buddhist principals of impermanence and stopped at McDonalds for a large Orange Juice and an Egg McMuffin.  I then felt okay. I was beginning to worry a lot about who was going to take this house apart if I depart this earth first. I don’t want Mr. Penguin worrying about it. I still have so many adventures on the shelves to keep me happy.Snip20171031_2

I decided to treat the whole collection as the Penguin Journey. As if it had been  a holiday that had to come to an end. I visited England on the book hunt. I made many friends. I learned a great deal about the Penguin Publishing history. I gave several community talks. I visited the Bristol University Archives. I had a great time over almost 10 years and now that holiday is over.

Time to move on. I  have never shied away from moving on in any capacity.  I am getting deeper and deeper into photography and enjoy the new friends I am making in the arena of the Hobart Photo Club and the challenges through the Cannon Collective. Learning Photoshop is exasperating and fun and hopefully will keep dementia at bay. It is really like learning a foreign language which is supposed to be great in fighting off dying brain cells.

My photography equipment doesn’t take up as much space either as 2000 books did. In many way it is true that decluttering helps de-stress a mind. It wasn’t ‘sparking joy’ as it once did.

I still have five rescue pets under my roof to keep me stressed and happy with their worries, recklessness and happiness.

He is all grown up now but I still love this photo.

I might take up Wordless Wednesday with photographs. I picked that up from “O” of On Bookes blog. I enjoy her classics blog, life with rescue hens and budgies as well as her photographs of northern England.  I am in the midst of three books at the moment.

Snip20171031_3A crime book by Robert Crais, The Promise,  is currently on my phone kindle. I have followed his characters of Elvis Cole and Joe Pike for years.  He lives in the hills of Los Angeles and I enjoy his antics.  I read that when I am out of the house waiting for people and appointments.

A wonderful version of Great Expectations is on the car bluetooth speakers through Audible.com. I am loving it. Dickens was wonderful in character descriptions and dialogue and I am loving this story I have not read before. I look forward to driving and listening to another chapter.

Snip20171031_4.pngIn print I am continuing walking The El Camino in Talking with Cats by W. Lee Nichols.  I love the philosophy he thinks about, his experiences in cafes and hostels and his mind is always turning over. Meaning of life stuff and history.

Speaking of long walks. I am still playing with the dogs but thinking I don’t get as much exercise as I need. I have signed up for swimming and senior exercise classes at a local fitness centre. Having grown up within the cornfields of mid Michigan I wasn’t exposed to a lot of swimming. Paddling around a lake or fishing, yes, once in awhile. But the Australian childhood puts growing up in other countries to shame when it comes to swimming.  I am enjoying being in the water and getting out of breath from lap to lap. I do mean lap to lap too.  Swim one lap. Rest. Swim another one. Rest. My goal at the moment is two without the rest. Small steps.

Great Journeys Collection

I forgot to mention I also have hung onto the more modern Penguin smaller books. English Journeys series. Great Journeys series. Great ideas. I am toying with the idea of saving these for weekend reads. Now I need an alliterative title for post on weekend Penguins. Though it may just be called Weekend Penguins. I am planning on making some minor tweaks to my blog’s focus. It is coming up on about 7 years and we all need changes from time to time.

Looking ahead to 2018 I see travel. We have a big trip coming up for the month of March and there will be much walking. I need to be more fit. More on the later. I see more reading of the TBR. I see more Penguin books posted. I see better health (2017 was a wipe out). I see photography. I see food. I am cooking more. I might share one of the Great Foods books Penguin puts out.

More to come.  Are you as ready to finish off 2017 and start a new year as I am?

New Outfit…

7 thoughts on “Tuesday Trivia

  1. i greatly admire your nerve and grit in changing your life in such a radical way… i must confess i’ll never be able to do that; i had to get rid of a lot of books once and have regretted it ever since, but i am aware that they can be an anchor tying one down and inhibiting freedom in a way… i wish i could be there for the auction, but it’s probably for the best that i can’t… good luck with your new endeavours(the name of Cook’s flag ship)… also Morse’s first name, haha…

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    1. There is a replica of the Endeavour that is often in our harbour. I enjoy change. I still have a few of the favourite Penguins and ephemera. Not to mention the tons of books yet to read.


  2. I, too, am ready to leave 2017 behind. It’s been a mix of joy and sadness, which, I guess, is life. We’re about to move house, but I shed so many books when we moved here 12 years ago that I don’t think there will be much I want to part with. I wish you a 2018 of good health (so necessary for any type of happiness), new adventures, and interesting books. Your description of pets is perfect: keeping us stressed and happy!

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  3. My Goodness, you are well on the path to a stimulating new year. One thing I did last January which I could recommend, was to read a book a day, with one day to spare. I read thirty books of all varieties and felt I’d got the year off to a good start. January is often a beachy, sleepy month so ideal for going into total shutdown and reading!


  4. Well, I admire your fortitude in shedding the books, but I don’t want to do it myself. I have told my Offspring that some of them are valuable and that he shouldn’t just take them all down to the Op Shop. Grant’s Bookshop is just down the road, he can get them to sort them out!

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