A Fuller’s Book Voucher on a Rainy Day

Tassie has been very dry lately. This morning the rains have come and the temperature is high enough to have the window open so we can hear it. A favourite kind of a day. While the cats are doing high speed runs through the house the dogs are a bit quieter. Molly, our terrier has gone back to bed. Odie sits with me every morning. 20171019_102341

This morning is a good time to talk about new books. Fuller’s. An independent book shop.  I talk about this shop a lot. It really is my home away from home with their lovely books, friendly, family like staff and a good cafe to boot.

Whenever I need a gift for someone (or myself) I usually get it here from their wide range of books, beautiful stationery or cards and calendars.  As  a result I get these wonderful book vouchers sent out every so often throu th their rewards program. Yesterday I had a big one and put it to good use.

I generally use it to buy reference books of some sort but since I have been in a book reading slump I thought I would put it towards some novels that might make me curious enough to inspire me to put down internet articles and magazines.

Here is the loot!

Bill Bryson makes me laugh and I have always wanted to read this one. I have read several of his others but somehow this has escaped me over the years. Having done several road trips through the UK I know I will enjoy this.


I have no idea who this is but the cover drew me in. The book blurb states, in part, “Yasmin Abdel-Magied is a young Muslim dynamo offering a bracing breath of fresh air-and hope. As a 21 year old she found herself working on a remote oil and gas rig: the only woman.”  This is her story. It includes being a third culture kid, growing up migrant and Muslim in Australia post 9/11.

It sounds really interesting and comes from an interesting perspective. 20171019_102407

Then there is this. I had a friend who died a couple of years ago. He was a hoarder. Like the ones you see on tv reality shows. It is a psychological illness that I have been fascinated by. I am also a BBC First TV addict of British forensic crime shows. This book might be gruesome but it is a part of our society that does exist and I admit, I am curious. Sometimes we need a change of genre in our reading selections. I think one of these in this subject will be enough.


Last but not least I wanted another bit of non fiction. The Organised Mind by Daniel Levitan supports to help us weed the wheat from the chaff with so much media and internet overload in society. It discusses our daily processing limits and claims to help organise our memory, attention span and improve our memory.  It is supposed to be based on neuro-scientific principles. We will see how evidence based it is.

As it is continues to rain and I have nothing else planned until my photo club meets this evening seems my day is off to a good start.  How do you spend a rainy day?

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6 thoughts on “A Fuller’s Book Voucher on a Rainy Day

  1. But no novels! You seem to be relying on non-fiction to get your reading going again. For me a trashy detective novel does it every time. (Well maybe not so trashy…I really enjoy Ann Cleeves’ Vera novels.)

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  2. sounds like a fine time to relax and read… i have to get the Yasmin’s book: i worked around and on drilling rigs for thirty years and it’s quite unusual for a lady to get a job on one… it’s very tough and dirty work… if it’s raining out, i catch up on honey-do’s, read, do crossword puzzles, nap, or go for a walk in the rain(not so much anymore)… being retired is great: not having to go out and tend to a sick gas compressor…


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