Back in Australia

Snip20170615_11Apologies first. I always have this idea that when I travel I will read books, photograph amazing landscapes and update the blog with the penguin every night. I will have great amounts of energy and will love sharing it with everyone.

The reality however is overseas travel is tiring. It’s exhausting. It was hot. I felt grimy. Photos had to be retaken because the first ones were crooked or accidentally shot my feet as I checked the settings.

I give up. No more promises about updating the Penguin and my blog while we travel until we get home or are at least in one place for 10 days.

As I said before, I did finish Herman Koch’s book The Dinner on the plane ride over. I also began an interesting book I was able to get a hold of on NetGalley. However much I enjoyed it I can’t write about it yet as it won’t be published until 4 July. Give me another week or so on that one.  I will show you the cover though.Snip20170615_9

I visited a famous author’s museum and the Penguin was photographed on an amazing piece of literary history. You’ll have to wait for that post too.

While travelling with my sister we listened to an audio book she picked up in a second hand book shop for a few dollars. When I saw the title and the author, I thought, “Oh no, not him.” But the freeways were long, the day was hot and the air conditioning in the car felt good. We listened to it. Will I talk about it? Yes. Now? No.

What I will try to do is get this trip in order. It was only three weeks long but it seems a lot happened and a great deal of miles were covered.

Snip20170615_8The highlight of the beginning was meeting James in Novato, California for a coffee. Many of you will know James, of James Reads Books. I had some Penguin Sci Fi books for him I brought along as I am downsizing the massive Penguin collection I have. It was such a pleasure to meet him and he does look just like his photo in his blog, but I could see his whole face and not just him peeking over a book.

I really enjoy his posts. He reads a great assortment of books. Some of them are for his Grade 7 students and I enjoy hearing about their experiences. He sometimes writes about  reading in his classroom.  Some of the comments he posts from his students make me laugh out loud.  James is a very good writer and he has a sense of humour. If you haven’t looked at his blog I think you should and see what ‘ his new favourite book’ is.  Thank you James for agreeing to meet us.  (Read James here.)

I have personally met two bloggers in person since I began writing this thing. Lovely friendships.

I have a lot yet to get through over the next few weeks so I am going to do it one experience at a time. I hope you will enjoy the journey.

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  1. Thank you for such a terrific plug. I enjoyed meeting you and your sister. Please let me know when you visit again. Did you visit Jack London’s ranch? It’s one of my favorite local sites. I’m not only not going to blog when we take our trip to NYC later this month, I’m not even going to take my computer. Going low tech, or lower tech I guess. I think the iPhone can do everything I really need to do, so Instagram but no blogging.


    1. I don’t blame you re going low tech. We do use all of it too much. I will look forward to Instagram Posts. We spent a day at Jack London ranch last time I visited it. I loved it. Steinbeck Center much smaller but I loved it too. Loved seeing the truck and camper he used in Travels with Charley. I will let you next time I hit town. All the best.


  2. I enjoyed the posts you did write, but yes, I understand the challenge of trying to keep up a litblog while travelling. I find it very difficult, and am going to confront it in July when we head to the US (the west) for a month. Woo hoo, warmth, but … my blog, reading, oh oh!


      1. Me too… I usually write a separate blog which I don’t advertise on my list blog, because it’s more personal, but if you’re interested I coukd add you to the list I email the link to. My WG blog will be kept for more literary stuff though will mention the travels.

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  3. nice to hear from you… travel is indeed wearisome and complicated… glad you’re back safely from the U.S…. i must check out James Reads Books… tx…


  4. I just subscribed to James Reads Books blog. As to the map below, why isn’t there a line down to Florida? (Just kidding!)

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