Day 1 in San Francisco & a Finished Book

My sister indulges my book addiction.

The book people amongst us will be happy to know that I arrived safely in San Francisco and less than two hours later I was already looking around City Lights Book Store in downtown San Francisco. I really do love that store. You will also be surprised that I did not buy any books. I keep thinking of the couple of thousand books I still have at home, many of them still TBR.

I need to get into some of my Penguin classics and boxed sets that I have collected over the past years. I may have sold off the main series collection but there are many other series I still have. I would also like to visit the Puffin books once in awhile.

This would be a fun activity as long as it didn’t involve the hills here.

The flight from Hobart to Sydney then Sydney to San Francisco was without incident. I am currently sitting by a window flying on United from San Francisco to Chicago then will head up to Traverse City in northern Michigan. I did think about making a big stink while on United. They could drag me screaming from the plane, punch me in those nose. I know the nose would heal and I could get a multi million dollar settlement and have yet more money for travel and books.

Snip20170521_2On the flight to America from Australia I finally read the book The Dinner by Herman Koch. I know, I know, probably all of you have read it but it takes me awhile to get around to new books at times. Many people reading this will already know what this is about but the gist of the story is:
A politician running for Prime Minister in the Netherland (Serge) and his wife (Babbette) have dinner in an exclusive restaurant with Serge’s brother (Paul) and his wife (Claire.) In the beginning of the book Paul and Claire seem to be the good guys. Serge is impossibly arrogant and on show all of the time to his prospective voters. The novel is divided into various part of the dinner from Drinks to Entree to Main Course to Dessert. As we hear about this excruciating dinner there are flashbacks to the activities of the teenage children of both couples who are involved in some very unsavoury activities. I don’t want to say more because if you haven’t read this story it will spoil it. It pretty much boils down to how far would you go to save the bright future that you think your children deserve?

Street Scene

I would go from really disliking these people to trying to understand the decisions they make. I really could see both side of the coin but I don’t know how I would handle this situation not having children of my own.
The book held my attention over the Pacific Ocean. I enjoyed the writing.

The down side of the story: I thought there were a couple of threads that were left unfinished. I didn’t think they were needed but they were small and soon forgotten. I also thought the editing could have been a bit tighter and although I could not help keep turning the pages I breathed a large sigh of relief once I was finished. As all the reviewers have said before me, these people are not to be liked at all. Neither are their children.
I think I enjoyed that part of the book. This is not really a ‘happily ever after’ book.

Now, I know those of you who read this have an opinion. As a young woman on the

A random shelf of books. I am sure I could find something to read here.

Qantas flight sitting beside me said, “Oh, I read this book. It is a great book for book club discussions.”

I agree.

Now, I must apologise for the Penguin. He will be making a appearance soon. He has more jet lag than I do and is soundly sleeping at the bottom of my bag.

Let me know what is happening re: books and travel in your life

As an extra here, I must show you the beautiful basset hound dog we met walking down the street on the way back to the car. Isn’t he gorgeous and he was absolutely huge. Had feet like dinner plates. Snip20170521_7

12 thoughts on “Day 1 in San Francisco & a Finished Book

  1. I just finished The Dinner a couple hours ago! What a book to read on Father’s Day. “Dear Old Dad” !!

    I enjoyed reading it, but a few things bothered me. Mostly the heavy-fisted foreshadowing, and the way everyone kept forgetting their cell phones… I mean, come on.

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  2. Ah, I see that you are only just there! That’s why I’ve only seen one Instagram post! We are in the process of seriously considering a trip to the US in July – to get away from the cold here. Yes, I know, it’s a bit of out of the frying pan into the fire (it will be HOT) but we have a friend in the LA area who is always happy to see us and we are always happy to see her. Am thinking of starting up the northwest – Seattle and Portland – and exploring there a bit more than we saw on our last visit to that area. Hmm … better get onto it.


      1. Yes, me too… You’ll have to tell me which ones. I went to Powell’s in Portland years ago – wow – but that was when I bought lots of books. Now I’m more like you. In fact I’ve almost got enough books to see me out!


        1. See Mudpuddle’s reply below. He mentions another one. I only know of this one and the Portland’s one. I like to stumble across the second hand ones as I travel. That is always fun. Just to look, of course.

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  3. We’re in Lincoln City, OR during aremodeling episode at home… Lots tourists and traffic… Also one of the best book stores in Oregon: Robert’s… Not having your resolve, I’ve acquired more lit than I should; it’s just this magnet thing that yanks me in every time I walk by; its not my fault… Really…


    1. I am laughing. My resolve had a second reason too. Books in suitcases weigh a lot and I hate dragging a case 12000 kms full of books. Good luck with the remodeling.


  4. I was glued to The Dinner, too…couldn’t put it down. Over all I enjoyed it, with much the same reaction as you. Did you know it has been made into a film? Not sure how it will translate to the big screen, but I’m curious to see it.

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  5. Wouldn’t I love to be doing some travel, or at least planning it! I have very itchy feet, but alas, am stranded for a while…
    I didn’t really like The Dinner. It felt like an unsubtle manipulative book, as if the author had written it just to generate controversy.


    1. I wouldn’t be surprised people might think like that. I think reading it on a 15 hr flight anything might entertain me. I just kept wondering where it might all end up.


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