Richard Adams – RIP

credit: Wikipedia

I cannot believe another loved author has died. The news this past year has been full of the death of loved music literary people we cared about deeply.

Richard Adams, author of Watership Down passed away at the grand old age of 96.

I turned on the early morning news and I heard the news. Watership Down was a book many of us read years and years ago as young people. We hadn’t exposure to many books as this ‘back then’ and it left a big imprint.

The story of a family of rabbits, dear Fiver, and the perils they faced. I was only thinking the other day as I sorted through  box of books I pulled out of the closet I should reread this book. It has been a long time.

Do others have thoughts on this story?

Credit: Wikipedia

Do you remember what you were doing in life when you first read it?