Foto Friday

It is a chilly, raining, dark day here in old Hobart Town.  So I played with photos all day. I picked up the photos from the printer that will go into the exhibition in November. Really looking forward to it as I’ve never done it before.

Then our photo club September challenge is coming up and I need the photos submitted while I’m in Sydney next week so got those posted up early.  I have a photo club meeting the day after I return from Sydney.

The prints are ready to go for the November exhibition. (50 cm high)

There are two categories each month. For this next meeting one category is Performance. I need to post up anything to do with a performance.  Then there is the Open category where we can post anything we want.  All the club members post up their two photos and then at the meeting we see them on the big screen and we get a gold, silver or bronze. We don’t know who the judges are as they perform behind the scenes. Sometimes someone might get a Silver + or a Bronze +.  It is all good fun, sometimes we get a comment as to why they scored the way they did.  It is good practice especially if one is learning Photoshop or Lightroom or some other editing software.

Performance from the February Wooden Boat Festival in Hobart.


The software is used more to fiddle around with the photos so they come out as they are remembered. Sometimes we take a photo then when it is downloaded we think, “Hey, that’s not how I remember it.” That is the main use of editing profiles.  More advanced work though has us compositing photos. That is when two or more photos are combined in various ways to make a new photo. As if illustrating something or doing specialty art work.  It is fun but I haven’t done much as it is a real skill to learn how to do it and I’m just not there yet.  Enjoy the little challenges this Friday.

River activity at the Wooden Boat Festival- the Old and the New


Nun revised
I have posted this before but there were three people standing at the corner and I photoshopped them out. The focus is on the nun and I’ve submitted this to a Street Photography Facebook page. They pick a winning photo each week to use as the Page’s Photo. Just for fun.

See you again soon…Camera Penguin

“Foto Friday”

I woke up the other day, sat up in bed and this was the view from my window. A Tasmanian sunrise over the River Derwent. I love winters here.

Another weekend is rolling around. Where does the time go.  I need a bit of a winter shake up so have decided to putter around with the blog. This blog has been going since 2011 in one or another and it needs a bit of a shake up. No worries though, it will always be about what I’m reading, where I’m travelling and what I’m taking photos of. I don’t seem to be reading as many books lately because I’m spending a lot of my time with photography books, magazines and You Tube instruction around photography and Photoshop/Lightroom.

Never fear though, I always have one, or two or more books on the nightstand and there is always an audible book on the go. I’m getting quite a few photographer followers from Instagram so I will be expanding this side of the blog a bit more. I’m not a steady blogger and I can go a couple of weeks or more with no post, only to add two or three in one week.

That is what retirement is about. No schedules, no commitments. I use my blog as a personal journal and I love my friends who follow me but if I had no followers at all I wouldn’t mind.  I’m too old to worry about how many Instagram Likes, FB Likes or Blog groupies I get.  So having said all of that, let’s get on to what I’m going to do with Fridays.

Friday and weekends are the days I tend to stay around home and pursue my own interests.  I do socialise a lot but tend to do that Monday through Thursday with friends and my Play Reading classes or film nights.

This is the donkey down the road that Odie and I visit with a carrot on our walks.  I love this old girl but don’t know much about her. I need to meet the elderly lady I’m told owns her and at least learn her name. 

I am going to devote Fridays to my Photography. So if people aren’t interested in that they can tune out. I’ll post about books and other interests on other days.  Streamlining things a bit.

So welcome to my first “Foto Friday”.  When we visited Sri Lanka last year we went to a gem store (as you do in any Asian country) and there was a mine out the back. The mine shaft was narrow and went underground, straight down, quite a ways down. We could not see the bottom. At the bottom of the shaft there are tunnels that go out of the main shaft perpendicular. The miners shimmy down ladders to the bottom and disappear into the tunnels.  It looked very claustrophobic to me and I have quite the respect for these miners, many who are not young that spend their working life digging out gems in these mines. Occupational Health and Safety does not seem to be anywhere on the agenda.

As we looked down the shaft a man popped up out of it. I snapped a photo of him with my phone. I am really happy with this photo as I look back on it and decided to keep it. My main photography interests involve Street Photography, Documenting Life and Travel.

Sri Lankan miner. You would not believe how deep that mine shaft is. 

I later read about a competition in Fremantle in Western Australia. In raising money for Osteo-Arthritis research which Mr. Penguin copes with on a daily basis an international competition is being held for Portrait Photography.  To make a long story shorter, I entered the photo of the miner.  I was notified two days ago that there were 1700 + entries and my photo is a finalist, landing in the top 6% of photos chosen.

I have until the end of August to now submit the larger image for their exhibition being held in October and if it makes the final cut it will be displayed in said exhibition.

I am more than stoked about this photo being selected. I think it is important for those of us who live in such comfort much of the time to see how others live around the world and this photo depicts what I would love to share more of.

I will share the photo with you and hope it does go further in this competition but if it doesn’t I am more than happy for it to stand where it is.  I will let you know if I hear anymore about it.

I feel this is a great way to begin “Foto Friday”. I hope you find the photo as interesting as I do.

Until then……click that shutter!!!bluejumper