Another Easter weekend survived…

Hope Easter was happy.

I am trying hard not to eat a lot of junk food, especially chocolate, biscuits and ice cream this weekend. I have been doing well but all the chocolate rabbits, squirrels, marshmallow chickens,(my favourites) have not gone unnoticed. My good friend gave me a chocolate squirrel which I did demolish one night quite late but that is all. I have lost 4 kgs since November as I needed to. I don’t want to put it back on. So…

Let’s get on with how last week was. Monday started the week off with a weight training class and a dentist appointment. I managed to get to the weight training but had a bad night’s sleep the night before and missed the weight training class.

Tuesday was a quiet day at home where not much happened. I don’t even remember it really.

Wednesday had me at the hospital for my annual MRI that needs to be done before my June MS specialist clinic appt with the neurologist. I panic in that machine. They gave me a tablet for sedation but I might as well have eaten a jelly bean for all the good it did. A minute into the tunnel with the helmet type mechanism that encloses my head had me squeezing the bulb each patient holds and the technician pulling me out. My MS hasn’t really progressed in 20 years which is wonderful but my neurologist is known for the research he does. He is internationally known for MS reseach through the Menzies centre here and I have participated in quite a bit of it over the years. I’m sure he continues these MRIs because it goes into his research. My brain hasn’t really changed. So I’ll talk to him in June and see if it’s really necessary. Enough of the body parts talk. Germaine Greer once said after the age of 50 body parts should not be mentioned as you’ll become a boring old person. It is harder to do than not. I spent the rest of the day in an anxious state so wasn’t much good to anyone.

An history story of Tasmania’s convict history.

Thursday picked up a bit as author Lucy Frost was interviewed by Cassandra Pybus at a Fullers event three of us attended. Lucy has recently launched her historical book Convict Orphans. These are stories of the children that arrived either with or without mothers who were put in orphanages and then farmed out at age 12 to work without pay on the farms and in homes during Tasmania’s colonization by the British in the 1800s.

Australian historian and writer, Cassandra Pybus, left and Emeritus Professor Lucy Frost, recognised for her research of women in history both in the USA and Australia.

It was absolutely cases of child slavery and large numbers of children were affected. The stories represent their experiences of abuse, abandonment, and also kindness and generosity. It really did become luck of the draw.

There is a good introduction, a lengthy bibliography and a comprehensive index. It was such an interesting hour followed by Lucy signing books then we disappeared into a very good Malaysian restaurant across the street for a meal. The Fullers events are frequent and well managed. They go from 5:30 to 6:15 with questions for another 15 minutes , then book signing at 6:30. They don/t often run over time. So plenty of time to grab a quick Asian meal and be home between 7:30 and 8. Quite often with a new book!🙄🙄🙄

Next thing I knew we were going into Good Friday and a long weekend of the coldest Easter Tasmania has had on record. It included rain and wind and was good for catching up on things indoors.

I have now finished the two David Sedaris books and will begin Between A Wolf and A Dog by Georgia Blaine. It is going to be discussed in early May.

Not much photography or metal detecting this past week due to inclement weather but the coming days look promising. That’s it for now and I’ll leave you with a couple of photos. Hope all of you had a good weekend and if you’d like to comment about what you did I’d love to hear about it.

A walking path in New Zealand
A view of the lake at Monapouri, a town in the south island of New Zealand.
Hope the weather is lovely in your part of the world.

14 thoughts on “Another Easter weekend survived…

  1. I Googled 4ks to see how many pounds that is. Almost 9lbs! Well done!

    I’ve never seen a chocolate squirrel! They must be very cute!

    I haven’t experienced an MRI…yet…so I wonder if I would be freaked out in one. I don’t think I’m claustrophobic.

    Now that I’m back in L.A. and have all those wonderful author events available to me, I hope I can drag myself out of my funk and start going to some. I always enjoy reading about the ones you go to.

    Your pictures are lovely!!!


  2. Last year I had to undergo two MRIs …. can’t say I enjoyed the experience; much sympathy that you have so many repeats. Fortunately I’m not claustrophobic.
    Easter? I succumbed to a few hot cross buns, but managed to avoid the chocolate entirely, by a super-human feat of willpower, being a diabetic with a sweet tooth …. groan.


  3. Even Perth had autumn weather. I was on my bike and got caught in the rain.
    Surviving Easter weekends reminds me of Stawell, Vic. where I lived many years ago. The only thing to do with all the tourists coming in for the Stawell Gift was to get out.


  4. Well done, loosing weight. I am trying to do the same, but it seems the scaler is stuck. Keep up the good work. Reading good books help a bit.


      1. I have never thought about that, but it is absolutely true. I do sometimes read while having breakfast, but that is another thing. But otherwise I don’t eat while reading.

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  5. A very ordinary Easter here weather wise – we are in Melbourne too – but like Lisa we’ve managed to get out for a few walks.

    I’ve never had an MRI but I do find the idea daunting. No idea how I’d cope.

    I don’t have a big weight issue but I always put on a kilo or two when we come to Melbourne and I work hard to get it back off before our next trip!!

    Happy Easter to you Pam.


  6. Well, no, our weather has been much the same as yours and I feel for those folks who’ve gone camping for the Easter Break. Our plans to catch up with The Offspring after his trip to Canada fell apart when his beloved came back with some kind of bug, so we’ve had a quiet time, reading, writing, and sneaking out for a walk with Amber when the weather clears. We’ve made it round the block twice so far before the rain came down again, so we reckon we’ve done well!
    Congratulations on the weight loss, it’s hard, it always is.


    1. There was an article in our paper today (front page) how all the campgrounds were full over the weekend. I think there must have been quite a few indoor games, reading, on tablets as rain and wind were very consistent. Nice day today though. 🤠🌻🦘

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