The Year Continues to Speed by…

I’ve been busy catching up on blog reading but lately there are too many posts to comment on so my comments are a bit sporadic. And sometimes there just isn’t a good response to make so I slide into the next one.

I’ve been following the Intrepid Arkansawyer for awhile now and I really like her format. It is in the format of a weekly diary and details not only books and tv events she watches but life with her mother and cats. I like the personal touch.

So I think I might try a bit of the diary format as I find if I wait too long before I post, it is just overwhelming to remember and write everything that happened since my last post, so I don’t. I would like to post more often.

So here goes… MONDAY:

Today was quite hectic. I did my normal weight training after a trip on the bus into town. Only 5 in the group so was nice. Getting strong. Then had a couple of errands before getting the bus back. I recently got this cookbook called Recipetin Eats Dinner by Navi Maehashi. Evidently this is one of the fastest selling cookbooks out there. I have looked at some of her you tube videos (recipetin) and really like her no nonsense approach to good food with a wonderful Asian slant to it.

I bought ingredients for one of her recipes I’ll cook tomorrow.

Once home I had to take Ollie to vet for a check on his surgery wound. He is doing good but has now been confined for six weeks and he really is over it. Thursday he has his sedation and x-ray to see how his leg has settled.

For relaxation this week I am reading Heather Rose’s newest book, her memoir called Nothing Bad Ever Happens Here.


Needing to get rice for today’s RecipeTin recipe. Teriyaki Beef Bowl. I’ll let you know if we like it.

More reading on the Heather Rose book. Since I missed her launch as she was the author I wrote about earlier making us wait so long for the event to begin and also on Ollie’s surgery day I was not keen to indulge her on her book. Just being stubborn. But I am so enjoying the book. Her life has been remarkable and extremely different to what I, with biased thinking, thought it would be. Her writing is very visual and I can see the places in Tassie she writes about and her experiences with the Native Americans in the USA as a young adult we’re just incredible.

I am quite surprised she survived her youth after reading of those experiences and her time in Asia in the 80s. I would recommend this book as I am just speeding through it and I don’t speed through books generally. I am enjoying the part now where she has just completed the Overland track walk with her 13 yr old son. Quite funny. I read her book Bruny previously but think I need to get her book The Museum of Modern Love.

I just had some good news from Australian Photography Magazine. Two photos I entered into the Photographer of the Year competition have been shortlisted. I’ll share them here than publish this as I have a big event coming up Thursday and this post will be too long if I include it. This is now Part One.

Winners of photography competition will be announced the end of January. I have no thoughts of being in the top ones but am very happy to be shortlisted.

Photos below: 1. Global Warming melts the Sydney Opera House.

The Retired Showman.

Stay tuned for Part 2, end of week.

8 thoughts on “The Year Continues to Speed by…

  1. Ohmygosh! My jaw dropped to the floor when I saw my blog mentioned so fondly in your own amazing blog posts! Thank you so much for the compliments!

    I saw that one person said my posts are too long (and they definitely are!) and that it’s hard to remember the first thing they wanted to comment on.

    That happens to me sometimes with really long posts, such as Jackie @ Junkboat Travels and Anne @ Booksofmyheart so I always have their blogs pulled up in two different tabs. One is positioned at the top of their blog, the other is down in the comment box. That ways as I read down their blogs in one tab, I’m commenting in the other tab. I’m doing that right now with this post of yours, as a matter of fact!

    Weight training! I actually liked doing the different weight training things when I worked at a company that had a gym in it and I could use it every day on my lunch break.

    Making a note to check out Recipetin.

    Hang in there, Ollie!

    I love teriyaki beef bowls!!! Were they tasty?

    Congrats on your photos being short listed!


    1. Yes the beef bowls were pretty good. But when we had the leftovers I added shredded cheese to it and that was even better. The original recipe just needed a bit of ooomph. All the best for the new year and let’s hope it is a brighter year for you. All the best. 🦋🐧❤️🎶

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  2. I’ll read this later Pam. I really like Intrepid too but the posts can get long. By the time I get to the end I’ve forgotten the first things I want to comment on. So go for it but if you have a busy week, I say break it up – like you’ve realised here!


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