Where is human nature so weak as in a bookstore? (HW Beecher)

It’s been a good week in southern Tasmania despite the confused weather. One day I’m outside with the dogs in the sun, the next day there are snow flurries and it looks to continue over the coming days.

Shaun Micallef and Marta Dusseldorp

The gym I attend started a new way to kill us. I attended my first “barre’” class. It is a combination of ballet, Pilates and yoga. I just passed my 2 yr anniversary of weight training and this new addition was great though I was on paracetamol for the next two days so I could walk. My second class is coming up this coming week. So much fun. 😏 , no really!

I attended a couple of really fun book launches through Fullers book shop over the past couple of weeks. Australian tv presenter and comedian, Shaun Micallef has released a new book, Tripping Over Myself. The launch was held in the historic Town Hall as he was interviewed by actor Marta Düsseldorp, who I really admire. I’ve not really followed Shaun but he was very entertaining. I went because I admire Marta so much and have seen her performances both live and on television. The two of them really played off each other and there were lots of laughs, The book is autobiographical related to his rise as a comedian and presenter.

The other book launch was the children’s book Runt by Craig Silvey, author of Jasper Jones and Honeybee. The book, though written for younger readers is also touted to be enjoyed by adults. A tale of resilience and hope and everyone wanted to read this book by the time we left. Looking to the future it could very well be an Australian children’s classic and will most likely be made into a film. Craig was an entertaining speaker and quite a bit of conversation went on around me as question time had many people putting up their hands, including one child. The feel of the book is wonderful due to the texture of the cover and the illustrations are like the sparse black and white children’s book of the past. I just loved it.

I was going to add the books I’m travelling in this week but as this is starting to become long I will post a part 2 soon.

In the meantime, I will leave you with a couple of bird photos I took during the last 10 days exploring nature reserves with friends.

Superb Blue Wren also known as fairy wren. He was singing his heart out.
Welcome swallow.

All the best for the coming week.

11 thoughts on “Where is human nature so weak as in a bookstore? (HW Beecher)

  1. I used to do the barre exercises regularly up until my mid teens. I bet I couldn’t do them now though. They look easy but only when you have a go do you realise how much control goes into those small movements


  2. I love the fair wren!

    Once your body gets used to all the new exercises I’m sure you will love it.

    I miss browsing the shelves of bookstores. I’m one of the rare people who comes in with a list and buys only what is on the list and doesn’t buy anything if they don’t have any of the books on the list. I can also walk into an ice cream shop (or a bakery!), look at all the millions of flavors and walk out without buying a cone. I think it’s a problem in my brain of “too many choices!!!”


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