Penguin Anniversary Box sets

18 July 2022 – 6C i

When I was collecting the old Penguin books I was able to attain several boxed sets. In fact I had 37 boxed sets in all by the time I sold the library. I sold most of the boxed sets but I wasn’t able to part with all of them. Too sentimental.

I kept the 1960’s, 70’s and the 80’s little black book anniversary sets.

However I have not read them so I thought it was time I did. I am going to begin with the 1970’s set. There are 70 small books in this set. Some books are excerpts from larger works, some are like short stories or novellas.  I will use the random org app to choose which one I read next. I would like to read one a week but I can’t promise this as life has its chaotic moments. I will do a brief summary of each book so do not expect a long review of anything. So many people do such a wonderful job of book reviews I don’t feel compelled to add my voice. 

Stay well. Stay tuned…….

15 thoughts on “Penguin Anniversary Box sets

  1. Great idea Pam. I never bought the boxed sets, but I have a selection of these. I’m not so interested in the excerpts I must say but the short complete works appeal so I hope your random process brings up one of those first.


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