A Day Spent with my Camera-

I have been reading a bit lately and I will tell you about the travel books by the same author in a post to come. I am not quite finished with the second one but enjoying it very much. More information on that to come.

I also have some new books to share and I need to continue with the book group read of The Promise by Damon Galgut. More on that too later.

But for today, I have been learning a bit more with my camera with the help of a good friend in Sydney. We are planning a road trip with our cameras hopefully the end of July. I will fly to Sydney then we will do a New South Wales road trip with our cameras. I am looking forward to it very much. But more on that later too.

For this Sunday I will leave you with the following photos.

I drove from Hobart south to Police Point and then stopped in Dover. There was a rally of old mustang cars zooming around down there and I watched them go by as I set my tripod up on the side of the road overlooking the Huon river. It was a pleasant day out. My Sydney friend encourages me to have a Pam day as she does with her Judy days. That means you get all the camera gear loaded into the car and spend a day away from the world enjoying the opportunity to take photos of places we haven’t investigated lately. One might also call it a mental health day.

The route from Hobart on some rural roads to Dover.

It was a very bright day so I had to close up the aperture to not let in so much light.

Although we have had a lot of rain recently the summer dryness continues in parts of our state.
Not many yachts along the river but one had some activity.

The beauty of photography is the ability to really notice the small things one would normally overlook.
I love the black swans. I left my telephoto lens at home so this is as close as I could get.

I guess this post wraps up the week. I’ll keep reading and post up some bookish news next time. Stay well.

14 thoughts on “A Day Spent with my Camera-

  1. Pam, I love these photos. What a lovely trip. I’m sure it was so relaxing for you. Wish I could have been a hidden passenger. Best Wishes!


  2. I didn’t expect that summer grass! I had a good SLR camera, still have but the battery has failed. I spent a lot of money on the telephoto lens. You are inspiring me to resurrect it. Phone cameras are so handy but they distort and flatten all but closeups.


  3. I read where Virginia Woolf and her sister used to get on the London busses and ride them then also explore the area. I’d love to do that with my camera. I have thought of it but of course Hobart is nowhere near the size of London. lolšŸ˜


  4. A Pam day sounds a really fun idea. A friend was telling me yesterday that when she was young and lived in London, at the weekend she would get on a bus near her home and travel to somewhere in the city she’d never been before and just explore it. Nowadays few parents would feel ok about letting a 12 year go roaming like that but it does sound jolly good fun and a way to appreciate a neighbourhood


  5. Your gorgeous photos remind me of my road trip down that way, just a few years ago really, but it feels like forever ago. Such a beautiful part of the world.


  6. Our book group will discuss the Promise first week of June. I haven’t made up my mind about it yet as I’m not that far into it. Our Sydney road trip will probably start down the southern coast from Sydney and then go inland but I am not sure. My friend has a lot of ideas and she knows the area as I don’t. Should be fun. I have a day trip to the Styx valley next Sunday to see the tall trees. I am looking forward to that. It is always fun to get out and about.


  7. I love the idea of a Pam day. I look forward to hearing what travel author you are reading, and also about The promise which is my next reading group book. But I haven’t started it yet. Where in NSW Are you planning to go?

    Last week I joined my husband’s Wednesday morning walking group, which I do occasionally. I’d do it more often but it clashes with my Wednesday lunch group, so I only go when both those friends are unavailable. Anyhow, when I go I always take pics. I love looking for different things to image. This last one was particularly fun as it was an area I didn’t know. They had to keep waiting for me but they were all kind. We’ve known each other (except for one of them) for a few decades.

    Anyhow, I’m looking forward to all the more-laters!

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