Sunday 21 November, 2021

I have just begun reading this book.

Reading groups, new books, nuisance appointments and photography updates.

I know I shouldn’t say “How fast is this year going?” But now Christmas and 2022 are in sight it is hard not to think this. For not travelling anywhere it seems quite a bit has happened. Just not things we always chose.

First off family and pets are all fine. Moving right along on this turbulent river we call Life.

Lots of books have come along and I look forward to summer months without so many commitments and some reading outdoors. My favourite places to read are in a bath or outdoors in a lounge chair surrounded by Ollie and Peanut.

First off, the Russian book, Life and Fate by Vassily Grossman will probably wrap up in one more week. It has been the most interesting time. Tomorrow night we have a guest lecturer from the University in the department of philosophy visiting the group and I imagine we’ll be delving into good and evil of what happens in war. What is evil for one group appears to be good for the other. Is it innate? Do we chase after it? How do these atrocities develop between people who were once friends because of war? I’m not sure about the subject matter but Life and Fate sure gives one plenty to think of. These sessions have become very similar to post graduate tutorials and I really thrive on them. Next year we are hoping to share reading of possibly a Dickens book. We all need a bit of lighter reading.

The book group is finishing up and the 90 members of the Fullers book shop readng groups are invited to an end of year Christmas get together of drinks, book chat and nibbles the first week of December in a lovely local hotel. Fullers is putting this on for us. A chance to meet other group members and there may be a quiz over the books we read this year. Should be fun.

I had a birthday this past week and was given several book vouchers for the day. As well as chocolate and a jig saw puzzle that might be a bit tricky. It was a good week and my vouchers have already been cashed in. Here is the lovely book haul that waits for summer calm.

Gifted by a friend. Looking forward to this.

I have had na two month break from photography and all things linked to it. The you tube instructional videos, the post editing, taking photos of the same old things all the time. Just a full stop. However the break worked and I look forward to getting into it again. This coming week I am attending a Fullers book launch of a book that highlights the off beaten areas of Tasmania to visit. When living on a small, beautiful island that attracts tourists from all over the world, the same geographic places are advertised time and time again. Cradle Mountain, Port Arthur, the west coast activities of Gordon River cruise in Strahan and the wineries everywhere along the east coast. For a photographer it seems all the photographers are taking photos of the same thing. Yes they are beautiful but moss covered trees, the red rocks of Binalong Bay, the myriad of waterfalls. I need some different and more unusual places to visit so that will be my photography goal for next year. Stay tuned.

Atmospheric nocturnal walks through major cities of the world.

The good thing about this year ending is all of the various health appointments Mr. Penguin and I seem to spend time on. Often scheduled in the middle of the day they seem to go on and on and just bust the days in half. Also the five weeks of solid rain we’ve been having, with even one day of snow last week has been beyond ridiculous. I think we can see summer approaching at the end of this cloudy, dreary tunnel and in good health, with good eyes, good teeth, good feet (haha), we should begin to embrace a more interesting life. We can live in h0pe.

Well known poetry and prose to read aloud for each week of the year with information about the author.
Edited by Robert MacFarlane who’s choices I will really enjoy. I enjoy anything he is involved in.
Young, dissatisfied woman runs around Britain over 301 days, facing her fears and learning new skills.
Australian book of 49 essays that came out of the 10 year Conversations project attended by 100 world wide journalists. I attended the launch of this book last week and it really is fascinating. Extremely varied topics
I’m reading 10 to 15 pages of this every morning. It is all abou
t a scientist who travels the world discovering and writing about fungi. I know, sounds dry, but is incredibly interesting and he is a very good writer. Currently in Italy looking for truffles with a couple of experienced truffle hunters and their dog. Really enjoying it.

Well the bookish photos and as it is the time of year people begin looking forward, I look forward to hearing what plans others have for 2022!!

Stay well and all the best, until next time.

“Some words are more important than others- I learned this, growing up in the Scriptorium.” from the Dictionary of Lost Words. P Williams

20 thoughts on “Sunday 21 November, 2021

    1. I only read 10 to 15 pages a day of the fungi book as there is a lot to take in. There is only so much one can absorb about fungi, lol. Underland was wonderful. I listened to it on Audible but think I’d like the book copy as I’d be happy to reread it. Such a lovely and interesting book.

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  1. Happy birthday – and a book haul to anticipate during the summer months. Not to mention the Fuller’s party. As you say, suddenly the Silly Season is around the corner and like you, I’m thinking: 2021 seems suddenly to have evaporated after a not-much-happening kind of year.

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    1. You really need a couple of hours uninterrupted to start Life and Fate as it takes a bit to get into it. I’ll look forward to hearing how you go with the Williams book. 🐧😆


  2. many happy returns!! it’s very nice of Fuller’s to throw a bit of a party for you all: seems like a good business practice as well… and i’m glad to hear your health is being seen to; it seems like older persons have to see medical specialists more often; i know that’s true of me and mrs. M also… i hope you all do read a Dickens… i read and posted on “Our Mutual Friend” not too long ago. it was quite interesting and enjoyable, i thought…

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    1. I love Dickens but haven’t read as much as I’d like. The names he gives people, the descriptions are so wonderful. One feels as if they could crawl into the pages and participate!🐧😆


  3. Happy Birthday. I’m sure I’m not the only one looking forward to more photos. And different has to be good. I photograph (nearly) every load I carry, so I have a record. The picture file on my phone is getting monotonous.

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  4. Heyyyyy Happy Belated Birthday!!!! Can’t go wrong with book vouchers, chocolate and puzzles!

    The end of year event put on by Fullers sounds good.

    Love the cover of Coasting!

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