Looking forward to the weekend…

This week has ended quite well and the weekend is looking better. I’ll get the first news out of the way as I am not dwelling on this body thing anymore. I am well and truly over it. But pathology results have returned and there is no cancer. I am happy and relieved. Now onto a book I just finished.

I have been listening to a lot of audible things during the past week or so. A book I downloaded from audible.com is called, Things I Learned on the 6.28, A Commuter’s Guide to Reading by Stig Abell. Narrated by the author, published by John Murray, 2020. UK

The book blurb states:

For a whole year on his train to work, TLS Editor Stig Abell read books from across genres and time periods. Then he wrote about them and their impact on our culture and his own life.

The result is a work of many things: a brisk guide to the canon of Western literature; an intimate engagement with writers from Shakespeare to JK Rowling, Marcel Proust to Zora Neale Hurston; a wise and funny celebration of the power of words; and a meditation on mental unrest and how to tackle it. It will help you discover new books to love, give you the confidence to give up on those that you don’t, and remind you of ones that you already do.

He began in January and finished just before Christmas. His train ride was approximately 55 minutes and each month he planned a different genre.

The winter months (in the UK) were Jan- Crime; Feb- English Classics; Mar- Shakespeare

Spring had him discussing Apr-American classics; May-Historical Novels

Summer were Plays, Translated Classics and Poetry.

Autumn was Modern Literary Fiction; Autodidact Non Fiction; and December was Lucky Dip.

My reading corner on the porch. Our porch is tiny

Overall I enjoyed this book. I loved the concept and was surprised at how much he could read in such a small space of a day. He had a family with children and the time on the train was pretty much his best reading time.

He gave a good bit of information about the authors, the time periods of the books and their impact on society as he saw it. At times he got a little bit too wordy and I skimmed ahead as it began to drone a bit but not often. I must say I lost a bit of interest on Plays That Aren’t Shakespeare in June. I was familiar with a couple but some were very obscure to me only because I don’t read a lot of the classical plays from centuries past.

It was a good book to listen to during the night when sleep escaped me and the topic changed regularly enough I could concentrate on what he was doing. He seems really committed to the value of books and I enjoyed that.

So I actually finished a book this week. Progress.

I’ve been thinking about some projects for next year to replace time on my motorbike. I’ve got a few ideas but am still pondering. Hint- I have a brand new kitchen and it’s all ready to go. Also, Australia (even Tasmania) is very hot in summer so would be nice to be indoors if not under a shady tree.

This weekend is to be between 28 and 31 degrees C (approx 86 F). I have my lounge chair set up on the porch, Ollie is happy in the front yard with his assortment of bugs to stalk and places in the sun to nap and I think we will be doing some reading in the shade.

And just for fun…..This photo popped up this week on my facebook memory. Ollie as a puppy as I listened to an opera and the soprano came on. He had been sleeping and it startled him.

Enjoy your weekend everyone.

12 thoughts on “Looking forward to the weekend…

  1. Oh man…so, so, so happy the tests came back clear.

    That books on the train book sounds good. I like those kinds of projects / adventures.

    That picture and story about Ollie and the opera is too cute.

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  2. You must be over the moon with your biopsy result.
    There’s a wonderful French novel, The Reader on the 6.28 – I read the translation – and I’m sure that’s what inspired Stig Abell. The French novel is a delight; if you haven’t read it, its worth hunting for a copy.

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  3. wow: relief! i hope you can still take Ollie to the beach… Mr. Abell sounds intimidatingly organized. if i listened to this i’d be trying to hide under the bed, haha… great subjects, tho… i’m nuts about Rossini operas; never heard that one, tho… Rameau is pretty early, i don’t think i’ve ever listened to any of his music; keyboard works, maybe, sometime…


    1. I think I was listening to that piece of music as I have the book 1001 Pieces of Music You Must, etc and I was doing one a day. I must get back to it. ๐Ÿค ๐Ÿง๐ŸŽ„๐ŸŽ‚๐ŸŒป


  4. Wonderful news on the health front, Pam – so pleased!!!! And I have no porch at all so envy *any* sized one! I’m sure you’ll find plenty of things to fill your bike-free time – Ollie, for one thing, would probably take up a lot of it! ;D

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  5. It’s true, we don’t expect Tassie to be hot in summer… on our first trip together when we took the car and did a circuit of the island, we arrived in Hobart when it had been 40 for most of the day. Our B&B was like an oven, but it had huge bay windows and when the storm rolled in we were soon huddling under the doona!
    My favourite story from Amber’s puppyhood is from when we were watching an early episode of Game of Thrones, and there’s a scene where a huge white dog hurls itself at one of the bad guys. Suddenly the screen was filled with this snarling dog and Amber leapt up and hurled herself into my arms for protection. She didn’t stop trembling for ages.

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      1. And my word, they move on. I remember seeing a card once, about a dog’s attitude to life: it included things like never having a grudge and always being pleased to see you and so on.
        They are wonderful solace for when you’re going through a tough time because they remind you of what’s important, and when you want to put things behind you, as you do now, they are all about living in the present.

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