A Weekend Wander

The beginning of the path.

Last week I woke up to a beautiful, sunny day in Hobart. Ollie needed to get out as he is a live battery on wheels and had a full charge in him. He’d had a bath the day before, he was fluffy and raring to go.

Hobart has a lot of parks and reserves and though we often go to the dog beach today I decided on a 3 km bush walk. It wasn’t that long but there are hills in Hobart and they are everywhere. So Ollie was put into harness and off we went to the Knocklofty Reserve. This reserve is high on a hill and overlooks Hobart. It is very much a bush reserve with many birds. I could hear many of them but they were high in the trees and wouldn’t come down and pose for my photos.

String bark Eucalyptus trees. When fires hit these trees the strings burn, saving the rest of the tree from the flames. Very hardy trees. Nature is so clever.

There were a lot of people out walking, picnicking playing with their dogs. We came upon a woman walking five Lhasa Apsos. There are areas of water that have been set up for the frogs. We walked around the frog ponds and I heard a few but being winter there wasn’t much activity.

The view towards Hobart through the bush.

Ollie is working well as a photography dog. I drop his leash, say “Wait!” and he stands still. All the beans in this little guy stop moving and I can get the photo without my arm being pulled out of its socket.

Enjoy the photos and hope you enjoy Hobart that you visit one day. You will get a personalised tour if you do. It will include beautiful scenery and lots of cafes or pubs.

I love the texture in this tree.

You can see the casino down on the river by the yacht club. Where the fancy people live. 😁😁

An overview of Hobart. It was built around the River Derwent and the city centre is off the left out of view.
Ollie turned one year two weeks ago. We celebrated his birthday with new rubber pigs.
I felt like Robin Hood out there today.

14 thoughts on “A Weekend Wander

  1. are those trees w/o bark still alive? and is that Australia across the water in the last shot? bringing my ignorance to the fore, here… wonderful photos and absolutely no smog: amazing!


  2. Well done Ollie, learning that word Wait! my save your life one day…
    A couple of months ago, Amber’s collar broke (only a couple of years old!) and she was heading for the highway on the other side of the service road and three thundering lanes of traffic. I yelled ‘wait!’ and she froze.
    It’s the one word she always obeys…

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