Wayfaring Wednesday

Tasmanian Wildlife Today:

A flock of sulphur crested cockatoos fly over head. (Tasmania)

Wayfaring Wednesday is a new feature of this blog. It will feature photography from various places from all over the globe. All the photos featured are ones I have taken as I travelled around the world over the years and also as I wander around Hobart and Tasmania in general.

I am also trying to get used to this new format on Word Press which so far I am not enjoying but I will persevere until I get the hang of it. I am not one to avoid change. So today while I practise I am going to share some eclectic animal photos I have taken in the past.

Below are a group of Tawny Frogmouth birds taken at Bonorong Wildlife Sanctuary. Animals who live at Bonorong are those that are not able to be released into the wild anymore for one reason or another. Part of the Nightjar family of birds.

Next we have a Tasmanian devil. Tassie devils may look cute at times but their bite is several times stronger than that of a Pit Bull dog. They are scavengers. They are also marsupials and are found in forest and bushland here.

I caught this photo accidentally as a group of Wallabies ran by. I quite like it though it is not focused as it could be. It’s okay….I’ll keep it. These are the legs of a forester kangaroo. Check out the claws.

Last but not least I am sharing this photo of our neighbourhood cockatoo. We think he may have escaped captivity at one time as he and a friend often come by alone but also fly with the large flock. He seems a little tamer than the others. I put sunflowers out for them every few days, not so many they become dependent. Lately though, if I forget to put them out he will hang from the eaves of the house and look in through my bedroom window where I sit in my reading chair to remind me. It is very funny and I’ve become quite attached to him. Cockatoos can live well over 100 years old. There is one out at Bonorong who has been in captivity more than 100 years and was surrendered to Bonorong. His name is Fred and when he turned 100 he received a letter from the Queen of England. It hangs on his aviary wall.

That’s all for today folks…….

15 thoughts on “Wayfaring Wednesday

  1. Your devil photo is cracking sharp! We have Frogmouths calling to each other around our valley at night but you only actually see them occasionally. I like your blog ๐Ÿ™‚


    1. Thank you. I had a look at your photographs too. They are great. Interested in the Amblers Walking group. Info? I use a Canon 5D Miv and am a member of Hobart photography society. Thank you for visiting. I am now following Tas View too. ๐Ÿ˜

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      1. Thanks ๐Ÿ™‚ The Amblers Club is just a but of fun, the title of our unofficial Facebook chat for a laugh. Three couples whoโ€™ve known each other for years, catch up every few weeks for a walk and lunch. They donโ€™t wait for me while I take photos :/ lol. I probably should join the photographic society, never thought myself serious enough!


    1. Yes, they are most unusual birds. Their camouflage is amazing. They stand very erect, almost completely vertical and blend into the tree. Very hard to spot as well as being nocturnal.


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