Some Weekend Travel

No, I haven’t been travelling but I have been playing with photos from past trips and as this site is supposed to include some travel I thought I would share some trip photography from eight years ago. Without a lot of explanation let your imagination roam.

Santiago, Chile with a short day trip to Valparaiso to see the home of the famous poet, Pablo Neruda.

A bit of street photography in Santiago, Chile, 2012.





I always photograph dogs when I travel.  There are many street dogs but this guy is well cared for as food is regularly provided for him. 
Posters on a well in a local book shop. I actually found the first Spanish vintage Penguin book here when I walked in to the store and said El Penguino and to my amazement this rare book was handed to me. I have since donated it to the Penguin archives at Bristol University in England as they did not have a copy. 
We took a bus up the hill to Pablo Neruda’s home. If ever in Santiago I suggest you go to Valparaiso and visit it. Extremely interesting.


One of several homes Pablo Neruda owned. When he was at his peak he could fill a sports stadium of people simply to hear his. poems. Can you imagine that happening? 
The view from one of the balconies of his home. 

I hope you enjoyed this small interlude.

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Hasta la Vista

15 thoughts on “Some Weekend Travel

  1. What a lovely idea and such lovely pics to sharing during these stay at home times – thanks.
    Loved the cauliflowers – and what a house!


  2. i really like Spanish/Latin design art: it’s so alive… i’m glad the dog got fed… also the pictures make is obvious why there’s so much destruction in earthquakes in that area… pardon my geology…


      1. I believe that there are slam poetry pub sessions in the ‘progressive’ inner city, but I think that just means they use four-letter words a lot…
        Remember Poetica on the ABC? Meant to be a showcase for new poetry, all it did was reinforce that coarse language is no substitute for a carefully curated vocabulary in the service of intelligent ideas.
        I’m over it. Every time I come across it in my Twitter feed, I block it.


  3. Thanks for the pics. Interesting. At one point I was a great Neruda fan. You have reminded me to hunt up the book I own – if I still own it; not too sure.

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  4. I can’t imagine any poet being able to command a stadium sized audience. Most of them in U.K. struggle to fill the back room of a pub.


    1. I know. An entire sports stadium filled to hear a poet. Though most of his poems reflected the political issues of the day so I guess people were very interested in that.


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