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I am part of a Facebook sketch group and something has cropped up that I really love and wanted to share with you.  I cannot draw a straight line with a ruler but I do admire people who do sketch out various things going on in their lives.

However what I came across a couple of days ago is something I could probably do. It’s Book Mapping. I have seen others who do this but these examples are just so much fun I thought I’d share. Julie Hawkins is the artist and reader and she has kindly given me permission to share her drawings here.  So thank you Julie.

Do any of you do anything like this?  If so I’d love to know.  Are there any blogs or fb pages or Instagram pages that reflect this mapping of books? If so and you know of them, please share as I’d love to follow.

2020-05-13 12.47.32


2020-05-13 12.48.03


2020-05-13 12.48.39

I’ll keep this post short and sweet for today. I hope you enjoyed these as much as I did. Ideas abound.

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What book would you love to map?

14 thoughts on “Sharing Something Fun

  1. that is a very cool idea, mind mapping is such effective technique to learn or analyse anything anything really.


  2. this seems like a brilliant way to take notes on a book; i think i’ll give it a try, tx… it might be too complicated tho… i’ll see


  3. That’s fun! The teachers at work use mind mapping and my kids do too. I’ve never tried it but might be fun as a useful reminder of what a book’s about if I’m going to be a while before I review it…


  4. This isn’t what I was looking for on my professional blog, but it’s got some thinking tools that might interest you.
    This is the book I used to use to teach mind-mapping to children:
    And this was one that I used a lot for children to visualise their thinking:
    For example, I used to get little kids in Years 1 & 2 to draw a timeline of their weekend. They used to love doing this and by the time they’d done the labelling and explanatory details, they’d done more writing than they usually did.


    1. I will have a look. I did mind mapping with kids when I was working in speech pathology. It was such a good tool for visualising their thoughts and events they participated in. I appreciate you sending me the links as no doubt I will enjoy them. Thank you.

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  5. I tried this when I was revising for some literature exams and needed a way to remember all the themes. But I’ve never seen it done in the way shown in your examples. It could be an interesting way of capturing reactions and thoughts on a book before I start writing a review, especially since I am often doing that a long time after I read the book.


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