Shakespeare Sonnets

ScreenshotIt’s time for a quick catch up. I abandoned the Alphabet book sharing from my shelves as I found I was having to spend too much time online either researching the authors or looking up photos of the books plus writing about the book. During lock down there are more phone conversations of people I usually catch up with, emails to friends and relatives overseas, book blogs to read, books to read. All in all I was just on screens too much and it was getting to me.

It felt too much like a job and that meant stress to get everything done regarding a simple blog. So I just packed it in.

One thing that has just started that I am enjoying is the Shakespeare Sonnets sharing from Tim, a Doctor of Philosophy and assistant manager at Fullers Book store. As the store is closed it isn’t possible to visit though you can pick up books at the front door if needed. Tim discusses one sonnet a day and it will take three months to get through the 120 he plans.  The online group has the book Sonnets which is a Pelican Shakespeare edited by John Hollander. Each day we read our one page sonnet and then receive a discussion email from Tim.  It has been fun and doesn’t require a lot of time.

In the meantime I continue to read blogs that are still very active and hope everyone is remaining in good health.  Until next time….Hawaiian

Author: TravellinPenguin

I live a retired life in Tasmania, Australia. I love books, travel, animals, photography, motor biking and good friends. I indulge in all these activities with the little Travellin' Penguin who has now shared five continents with me. We love book shops, photography walks and time with friends as all our family is in USA and Canada. I enjoy visitors to my blog so hope you'll stop by.

9 thoughts on “Shakespeare Sonnets”

  1. Smart idea, and yes, it’s true, I’m spending more time on the phone too. I’m not normally a person who chats on the phone, but it seems important to check in with people I care about. Sometimes a phone call takes half an hour, and sometimes, it’s an hour or more. I don’t begrudge it, but clearly that impacts on my day.
    Tim sounds like a treasure:)


    1. Yes, we are lucky to have Tim. The ways we communicate with people we normally just take for granted as we see them often for groups or coffees, etc has really changed. I really felt chained to my email writing and phone use. I need to get outdoors when I can and walk with Ollie and get fresh air. It is a balance. Thank you for dropping by and always lovely to hear from you.

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      1. We will meet up for coffee one day soon, I hope!
        Hey, did you hear that the Spirit of Tasmania is going to berth in and out of Geelong from next year? The Spouse and I have been thinking of doing a reprise of a trip we did long ago, from Lonnie around the island and I want to be one of the first to take the trip from its new base:) (And we could finish up taking that boat trip in Hobart that you posted about a while ago).


        1. Yes, I think the ferry from Geelong is to begin in 2022. Anytime you’re in Tassie I’d be glad to meet up for a coffee or ferry you around (no pun intended). I do think it’s going to be awhile before any of us are allowed to go anywhere so maybe 2022 is a reasonable goal.


          1. Gosh, that long to wait… I had hopes of being able to travel, at least within Australia, next year, and an overnight journey by ship seems like the safest way to go (because we could just stay in our cabins and not mix with anyone en route).

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  2. Highly sensible – no point beating yourself up to do things if your heart isn’t there. And Shakespeare is probably a lovely distraction at the moment. I have been distracting myself with a tale about motorbikes and Napoleon… ;D


  3. one could spend a lifetime studying Shakespeare… well, some do, i know… i’ve read the Sonnets and greatly liked them but i’ve no illusions about knowing much about them… nice idea, the Fuller guy doing that…


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