Simply Sunday

Today is a beautiful day. Too lovely to be inside reading so I attended some outdoor events this weekend. Saturday saw three of us riding to Triabunna, up the east coast of Tasmania on motorbikes.  With the Coronavirus all of the crayfish that is usually shipped to China is staying in the state and we are enjoying it. We went to the harbour for fish and chips and I got a crayfish roll. A large roll with tomatoes, cucumbers, lettuce and a wonderful heaping pile of fresh crayfish.  We rode approximately 200 kms for this meal but a fun day.

Today the Hobart Photographic association had a scavenger hunt in Battery Point, Hobart. Battery Point is the oldest section of Hobart where the first settlers developed. It is full of lovely cottages and cafes. We had two hours, from 10 am to noon, to find a list of items. We all did well and I thought I would share them. We then went to a cafe for a coffee at noon and debriefed. The debriefing was mostly laughter.  We are going to have these photo club excursions once a month.  I’m looking forward to them.  We had about 15 people who took photos and then nine stayed for a coffee.  Here are the photos from the weekend.  I hope the weather is good where you are. We could use some rain but we might as well make a happy time out of the sunny days we have had this weekend.



Triabunna Tasmania Waterfront


Fish v an
Seafood Hut


crayfish roll
Crayfish roll



Something old (Lester- 15 years old)


A sign




Leading Line


Warm colour














Camera Penguin

11 thoughts on “Simply Sunday

  1. i had to get new blog because the old one wouldn’t publish my posts anymore…


  2. Oh man that crayfish roll looks amazing! I understand why things can’t be shipped OUT of China but I’m confused why things can’t be shipped INTO China.

    I love that picture with the kitty in the window!!!!


  3. amazing pictures: they’re so sharp! 130 miles on a motorcycle, wow… what kind is it? i like the cat…


    1. I have an Italian 350cc Piaggio Beverly touring scooter. If you google it you’ll see a photo. The cat is my favourite photo as well. He is young and was very interested in what I was doing.


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