What I’m Reading Now…

The weather here is nasty. I can’t complain as the mainland is dealing with horrific fires so the rain, wind and cold of spring isn’t that bad. These fires happening are just awful. We have lost so many koalas due to the fires savaging their habitat. The wildlife organisations have swung into a full onslaught of revenue raising to care for the injured then eventually relocate those they save. But enough on that….

sleeping pets
Ollie and Cousin Eddie resting on this rainy, cold afternoon.

As the weather has been so bad and puppy training is relegated to the living room I am doing quite a bit of reading during his nap time. I got several books and book vouchers for my recent birthday. I’ll talk about them as I start going through them.

The one I’m reading now is The Death of (insert a photo of Hitler here). It is written by French journalists Jean-Christophe Brisard and Lana Parshina. The blurb on the back states:

On 30 April 1945 Hitler committed suicide in his bunker as the Red Arm closed in on Berlin. Within four days the Soviets had recovered the body. But the truth about what the Russian secret services found was hidden from history when, three months later, Stalin officially declared to Churchill and Truman that Hitler was still alive and had escaped abroad. Doubts began to spread like gangrene and continue, even today, to feed wild fantasies about what really happened to him. Hitler

In 2017, after two years of painstaking negotiations with the Russian authorities, award winning investigative journalists Jean Christophe Brisard and Lana Parshina gained access to confidential Soviet files that finally revealed the truth about the incredible hunt for Hitler’s body.

Their investigation includes new eye witness accounts of Hitler’s final days, exclusive photographic evidence and interrogation records, and exhaustive research into the absurd power struggle that ensued between the Soviet, British and American intelligence agencies.

Lana Parshina
Lana Parshina

Now, I’m not that far into it yet (those puppy naps aren’t that long) but Yeltsin opened up the vaults of secrecy, the archives and a skull was found. It is purported to be Hitler’s. Also a table leg from his bunker with blood on it was stored there.  The only testing done

Jean-Christophe Brisard

has been the blood type with is A blood. Evidently 40% of Germans have this blood type.

The books is the progression of forensic analysis, interviews and document reviews.  It sounds quiet suspenseful. I’ll have to let you know what I think once I finish it.

Does this sound like something you’d like to read or hear about?  Imagine scouring the archives in Moscow, all those files that have been locked up for such a long time.  Should be an interesting read. Stay tuned…..images

3 thoughts on “What I’m Reading Now…

  1. all sorts of books are interesting. if i didn’t have such a huge tbr list i’d add this one to it… i must confess, tho, that real life mysteries like this, that used to keep me mesmerized, no longer have that sort of effect, mostly, anyway…. terrible about the fires: subtle and unknown effects of climate change, i guess… or not so subtle…


    1. I normally wouldn’t read this but just having been in Russia and Poland and hearing so much history of Hitler the content of this book seems fascinating. No doubt my mood will change before too long.


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