Simply Sunday- 17 Nov. 2019

Wow! Another week has gone by and I’ve got new books!  (Yes, this is not another puppy post).

The Fullers Bookshop Reading Group email came out this past week and the first three books of 2020 are here so I have picked them up to get started. The long hot days of an Australian summer with their horrendous fires will be upon us soon enough so I wanted to start my reading while confined to a cool indoors.

Below are the February, March and April books in no particular order.

I have never read this book and have always meant to so I will begin with this one.

images (2)The Age of Innocence by Edith Wharton:

The blurb on the back (for those who haven’t read it) states:

“When the Countess Ellen Olenska returns from Europe, fleeing her brutish husband, her rebellious independence and passionate awareness of life stir the educated sensitivity of Newland Archers, already engaged to be married to the Countess’s cousin May Welland, “that terrifying product of the social system he belonged to and believed in, the young girl who knew nothing and expected everything.”

I think we can see where this one is going.


The Godmother- A Crime Novel by Hannelore Cayre.  This book won the European9781770415430 Fiction Prize and the Grand Prix de Literature Policière

“Meet Patience Portefeux, 53, an underpaid French-Arabic translator who specialises in police phone taps. Widowed after the sudden death of her husband, Patience is wedged between the costs of raising her daughters and the nursing home fees for her ageing mother. She’s laboured for 25 yrs to keep everyone’s heads above water.

Happening upon an especially revealing set of wiretaps ahead of all other authorities, Patience makes a life-altering decision that sees her intervening in – and infiltrating- the machinations of a massive drug deal. She thus embarks on an entirely new career path: Patience becomes ‘the Godmother’.”

This sounds like a fun summer read.

Last but not least is our third book of the summer.

images (1)The Trespassers by Meg Mundell. Finally we have a book that is closer to home. Meg Mundell was born in New Zealand but now lives in Melbourne, Australia.

A shipload of migrant workers flees the pandemic-stricken UK, seeking a fresh start in Australia. For nine-year-old Cleary the journey promises adventure, for former nurse Billie it’s a chance to put a shameful mistake behind her, while struggling schoolteacher Tom hopes for a brighter future. But when a crew member is murdered and people start falling gravely ill, the Steadfast descends into chaos. Trappedon the ship, the trio must join forces to survive the journey and its aftermath.  The Trespassers is a beguiling novel that explores the consequences of greed, the experiences of migration and exile, and the way strangers can become the ones we hold dear.

I am looking forward to reading this too. For once I have book club reads I am happily anticipating.

Other News:

For once all dogs are doing fine! We had a scare with our 14 year old Molly and thought “this thumbnailis it,” but a change in medication and diet has her firing on all of her stubborn years and giving a big “what for” to Ollie.  Ollie on the other hand gets his second vaccination next week when he turns 14 weeks and is then able to go outside of our property.  He will be enrolled in the Hobart Dog Training club and will start puppy classes on Sunday.  I’m hoping that takes a bit of the wind out of his sails.  He loves running around giving Molly and the three cats grief but he doesn’t always come out on top.

I have some other events and travel bits and pieces that have piled up I need to get on this page so hopefully you’ll be hearing from me before too much longer. I attended an author event at Fullers Book shop, went to the theatre and our photo club wrapped up the Hobart Photography Exhibition. There has been a great deal happening in the past two or three months and now I am looking forward to the next two or three months of stability, peacefulness and planning bookish goals for 2020. Believe me those goals will not be grand.

I hope all of you are well and moving along and I look forward to more catching up. Let me know what you’ve been doing to keep yourselves entertained.

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6 thoughts on “Simply Sunday- 17 Nov. 2019

  1. I’ve been reading ROTTEN ENGLISH, an anthology of vernacular literature. Poetry, short stories, novel excerpts, and essays on “new English”: non-standard English as spoken outside the classroom. Editing. Writing, of course.


  2. Well , I can tell you that you are in for a treat with Edith Wharton and Meg Mundell, I’ve enjoyed them both though they are very different to each other.
    I’m delighted to see that Ollie is settling in… of course we forget how demanding puppies are, I was as exhausted by our Amber as I remember being exhausted by The Offspring’s toddlerhood. But pups bring so much joy into a house, and he looks like a dear little creature to me:)


  3. intriguing books… Ollie has a lean and hungry no, that’s Cassius… he looks like an eager sort of being… getting into winter here, with rain and fog… Mrs. M is baking and walking and doing some painting; i’m riding and working on bicycles and reading and writing posts… we’re both trying to keep up with Henry the Chihuahua; he’s the kind of dog that makes one wonder who’s actually in charge…


  4. The trespassers has me interested. Glad all well with the fur family. I find myself constantly filling my pockets with liver treats to always reward the good behaviour when we get it. Our pup is a bit bigger than lovely Ollie so it is really, really important we stay on top of training and work on manners. She gets her final shot on Wednesday but we also started work on socialisation after the second shot, didn’t want to miss that window for getting good social habits. Ada is also turning into a perfect book buddy she likes nothing better than to curl up with someone while they read a book
    Good luck with Ollie and will look forward to reading about his exploits and progress.


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