Our Lovely Boy Odie

Odie’s Bell

It is with a heavy heart I must tell readers that we lost Odie this week.  He was doing well while we were away and then this past weekend he began to deteriorate. It was as though he waited for us to return before saying goodbye.  By Thursday he was in pain, couldn’t stand and had stopped eating.  We knew it was time to act.  He went peacefully in my arms with a loving staff of veterinarians and vet nurses.  He was happy up to the last minute. Everyone was fussing over him and he seemed relaxed.

It is lovely we can show such kindness to animals in their last moments but not so humans yet in this country.  The time is coming but it is not here yet.

I have a Japanese maple tree in our front yard. When we lose a loved pet I hang a bell in it as a memorial to that wonderful animal. When the wind blows I can hear the small tinkling sound of the bells. Odie and I used to sit on the porch every night in the dark after he did his business. He would come up the stairs and sit with me for a moment and often we would hear the bells.  Now he has his own bell hidden in the green leaves of summer.

A very happy dog.

I can sit in my reading chair in the bedroom, with the window open and often hear the bells. It causes me to pause and remember some funny memory from the pets we have loved over the past 30 years. There are now seven bells in the tree.

Before long we will contact the Dog’s Home and offer to foster any puppies they may have that are not old enough to be adopted, with a view to giving one a home. If that doesn’t work out we will wait for a puppy to become available. We have given many animals who needed rehoming new lives and this will continue as long as we live.  We are looking forward to new adventures with another goofball. We miss Odie so very much but he had everything a dog could ever want and he would want this for future pets. Our work was finished.  His kindness always shone through above all else to other animals.   So, don’t feel sad. This is all part of life and all any of us can ever do is be kind to the animals we meet and the people that await introduction.

Odie Wally Beach
Odie and Wally…………….Together Again

18 thoughts on “Our Lovely Boy Odie

  1. So very sad about Odie’s passing, but am heartened to hear that he was a happy doggy till the end, in your arms. Found the last photo and caption of both Wally and Odie being together again especially moving.

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  2. There’s nothing I can say that others haven’t said. I’m sad, I cried, but I’m happy that Odie had you to live and die with. Any animal would be lucky to find you for their forever home.

    I love the idea of the bells.


  3. That is such a lovely post about something that is always sad but that at least sounds like the best goodbye possible. I am sorry for your loss.

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  4. What a beautiful tribute, Pam. I read it aloud this morning so we could both send our love to you from across the Pacific.


  5. What a sweetie-face! Some dog out there is just waiting for you. You’ll walk into a place, and Odie will poke a dog in the butt and say, “Them! You want them!”


  6. So sorry but I’m glad he had such a wonderful life with you guys. I’m a rescue dog myself from Ireland and who knows what might have happened if my Humans hadn’t found me and bought me to Australia.
    Take Care

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  7. I cannot ‘like’ this post, and I know you say we should not feel sad, but I have enjoyed hearing about Odie’s adventures and how he brought you so much pleasure, and I am going to miss him.
    I think the idea of the bells is a lovely one, a fitting farewell to Odie.
    Lisa x


    1. Awww, we are sad but he had such a bad start to life and it was just so lovely to adopt him and turn all that around for him. We miss him terribly and probably always will but there will be someone else to “rescue” and we look forward to that. He was a lovely boy. Our dog Molly has been looking for him which is sad but she is getting extra attention. I’ll post up some things she gets up to (if she lets me). Thanks for your kind words.

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